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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It's Wisteria Time

We were gone for the weekend and when we got home yesterday, we found the Wisteria in full bloom. It's a 10 year old plant that climbs a post at the end of the garage and has grown along the arbor attached to the garage and it's almost reached the other end!!!

For about 10 days to 2 weeks at this time of year, the blooms are heavy on the vine and the scent is heavenly.

I love the way that wisteria "drips" from the roof of the garage.

The dream I had 10 years ago when I planted both the wisteria and the William Baffin rose of having the wisteria grow all the way to the rose and then we would have lavender and pink entertwined finally happened.

Blooms of perennial plants are all too short -- a couple of weeks at the most but they are like old friends coming back year and after for a visit.

We enjoy this annual visit of our wisteria and of course, think each year's blooms are prettier than the last.


Mary Buek said...

Martha, I had wisteria in the garden at my old house. It got completely out of control and took over everything. I didn't realize when I planted it that it needed a STRONG support, like a whole garage. It's lovely, and you are so right about perennials, but don't you just love to go out and see the peonies, the roses, whatever blooming again, even for just a few days?

Martha Marshall said...

Martha, found you on Mary's blog! That wisteria must be the origin of the word "wistful" because it gives me those memories of times past, in a childhood long, long ago, where next door there was a wisteria vine that completely covered the screened-in porch. That porch was built strong and sturdy, not like the ones with hollow aluminum supports used now.

Many warm nights found us teenagers on that porch talking, sharing secrets, and enjoying the smells of summer.