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Friday, September 26, 2008

Plants from the garden to their winter home

Every fall, usually the last of September, I pot up a few plants to bring indoors for the winter. The agapanthus have to come indoors as does the rose geranium. A pot of chives also resides on the kitchen windowsill in the winter. This year, I put the shrimp plant in a pot for I've heard that it can winter indoors. And I'm always up to trying new things.
I collect clay pots and the older the better. I like different shapes and if there is moss or imbeded dirt in the pot, it is definitely more prized! I'm the one rooting in boxes in garages and basements at Estate Sales, looking for the oldest and dirtiest pots.
It was a beautiful day today and so with a big bucket of dirt, I repotted the rose geranium from the herb garden, dug up one of the chive plants, repotted the agapanthus and decided that I would try to winter over the shrimp plant. One of the patio tables makes a good place for potting and while I was working six sparrows decided to take a bath in one of the birdbaths and a cardinal came to the feeder closest to me. With the sun on my back and the birds twittering away, it was certainly a pleasant time in the garden.
I love my chives, and so dig up yearly a plant to bring inside. It is used sparingly but snippets make baked potatoes extra special, add a mild onion flavor to scrambled eggs, and make a nice garnish for mashed potatoes. I can't imagine a winter without a pot of chives on the kitchen windowsill.


Anonymous said...

Love your blog! We are almost neighbors - I'm in Oklahoma. I enjoy all the fall produce/recipes, too.

Webby said...

Hi, does this plans take alot of water? coz in the pass, i use to water them alot then the roots started to root. how much water is needed for plants like this


Martha said...

the agapanthus doesn't take much water in the winter -- the chives and rose geranium are watered once a week. The shrimp plant I've not brought inside so I'll have to see.