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Saturday, September 13, 2008

"Sweetie" Jars

For several years now I've coveted what I called English candy store jars. They are fairly large, have labels on them and are displayed in candy shops in Britain. About 20 years ago they switched from glass to plastic and the glass ones became collectible.

When we were in England, I didn't buy them -- too hard to bring them back in my luggage. I had forgotten them for a long time and then decided that they were just what my kitchen needed. I googled, I ebayed and alas, nothing . . . until one magical night, there they were listed on ebay. I watched the auctions like a hawk and was able to procure SIX of the jars!
I find that they are perfect in the kitchen to hold odd things like tea, whole wheat flour, self rising flour, sweetner and vanilla sugar. I love the labels of the English sweets. And although I didn't get them on one of my trips to England, they still remind me of those trips.

My everyday tea of choice is an English brand and I feel it is so appropriate that that tea is stored in these British jars.

In England, they call candy "sweets" and a shop that sells candy is a "sweetie shop" not a candy store. Thus, there are really "sweetie jars" not candy jars.

Whatever you call them, they are perfect for my kitchen!


Becky said...

Martha, that is so exciting! Your jars are great. I have two Roses Chocolate Jars that DD#1's godmother brought back to me from England sometime in the 1980s. I have always used them to hold pasta. It never occurred to me to look for other types on eBay. Off to search. LOL


Mari @ Once Upon a Plate said...

How charming Martha, and they add yet another delightful touch to your kitchen (practical, too!) Very nice. ~Mary

Anonymous said...


I had no idea that you had a blog and I just stumbled upon it. It is a lovely blog and I will enjoy visiting often. I know you must have been so excited to find the "Sweetie Jars" on Ebay and what a wonderful reminder of your trips to England.


Mary Bergfeld said...

Martha, the jars look wonderful on your kitchen counters. They really do look a bit 'hip' old world! I'm so glad you found them.