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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Old Fashioned Spaghetti and Meatballs

It was a cool and rainy night and I dusted off an old family recipe -- spaghetti and meatballs. Growing up neither Italian or in an Italian neighborhood, this was my mother's way of preparing spaghetti and meatballs -- from scratch!

I'm sure a true Italian mama would throw up her hands at this version of spaghetti and meatballs but to us, growing up, we were eating Eye-talian (as my mother always said).

The meatballs are really more like meatloaf with chopped onion, egg and soft bread crumbs. (I add about a tablespoon of freshly chopped parsley -- but Mother never did) Made fairly big (palm size -- they fit nicely in my palm) and then browned on all sides.

Drained on a paper towel while the skillet is used to make the sauce. Chopped onion and garlic are sauteed in olive oil, then a big can of crushed tomatoes are poured in. (And I add another tablespoon of chopped freshly parsley.) The meatballs are added back in and then the whole is simmered until the sauce is thick and the meatballs are done.
A big pot of boiling water holds the box of thin spaghetti which cooks up rather quickly. Drained and put on a platter, the meatballs and sauce poured over. A good grating of fresh Parmesan cheese is the final touch.

Comfort food for a cool night. Comfort food that reminds me of winter dinners growing up.


Anonymous said...

This is my FAVORITE dish! Yours looks delicious!

Martha said...

Thanks -- I'm sure any Italian would not claim the dish!


grace said...

those are some whopping meatballs! your version of this awesome dish is simply gorgeous. :)

Mary Bergfeld said...

These looks delicious. Mangia.