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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Chicken Pot Pie

A favorite lunch or casual supper at Linderhof is a pot pie. We like to do them in a pie pan rather than in individual servings. Our recipe is easy and 3 chicken breasts will feed six so it is an economical dish. We like to have both top and bottom crust when we make a pot pie. Sometimes, to make it easy, we use Pillsbury pie crust but usually, we make our own. Brushed with egg wash it comes from the oven a golden brown.
With a salad it makes a nice luncheon for six and dessert can be either cake or a fruit crumble. We make it often in the fall and winter. It is truly comfort food.

It's a good recipe for using leftover Thanksgiving turkey as well and I'm sure some of our Thanksgiving bird will end up between the crust of a pot pie. Growing up, the only pot pie we ever had was turkey. I didn't realize that you could also make them with chicken, beef or just vegetable.

Linderhof Chicken Pot Pie

3 chicken breasts, cooked (see note)
1 large package Birds Eye Pea Blend frozen vegetable mix*
1 can Campbell's cream of chicken soup
Pie crust (Pillsbury or your own) -- enough for upper and lower crust
Egg wash (1 egg, beaten lightly with 1 T. water added)

Cut chicken breasts into cubes and put into a large bowl. Add vegetables and cream of chicken soup. Mix well. Put pie crust into bottom of pie plate. Pour in vegetable mixture. top with crust. Cut vent holes into pie crust and brush with egg wash. Bake at 350 for about 1/2 hour or until the crust is golden.

Note: I now roast my chicken breasts but you certainly can poach them. Or you can use a couple of cups of cooked turkey meat from the Thanksgiving bird.

*I like the pea blend mixture -- big chunks of snow peas, baby corn but you certainly can use a package of your favorite vegetable blend.


Southerncook said...

Oh my word Martha, that looks absolutely DIVINE. Makes me want to make a chicken pot pie. Carolyn

Anonymous said...

Oh so yummy!

Dawn Marie said...

this looks so good and you can tell it would taste good to.