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Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Pot Pie Apple Tart

The Pot Pie referred to in the title is not a style of apple tart but rather a place. A favorite restaurant in the city that does serve wonderful pot pies. It's a small place -- perhaps 10 tables but the food is outstanding and it is a favorite place for lunch. It's near the Plaza, a favorite shopping area. Come Christmas, it's great to shop on the Plaza and lunch on a pot pie at Pot Pie. Foregoing dessert, of course, for you're full from the pot pie.

But this trip, I had their fish entree so I definitely COULD have dessert. And what better dessert for a fall day than an apple tart with vanilla bean ice cream.
The tart was sitting in a pool of caramel, was warm, and the apples were chopped rather than sliced.

I didn't get the recipe but I'm sure I could recreate this tart at home. It is a lovely fall or winer dessert.

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Mary Bergfeld said...

Hi Martha, I'm in Austin for the holiday - it's great being Queen! We had "our" (meaning I cooked) meal for friends just before we left. I, too, love to find hideaways that make terrific food and it looks and sounds as though you found one. The tart looks spectacular and how could anyone resist that pool of caramel. Happy Thanksgiving....Mary