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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Turkey Soup -- Another Thanksgiving Tradition

The turkey carcus put into a stockpot with stalks of celery, onion, a couple of whole carrots, some thyme, salt and pepper and simmered until a rich stock is achieved. The stock is strained, any meat from the carcus is saved and the whole is put back into a Le Creuset Dutch oven.

Additional vegetables are then added, slices of celery, whole baby carrots, chunk of potato, leftover Thanksgiving vegetables and the stock and vegetables are simmered until the celery and the other fresh vegetables are tender.
It is our luncheon of choice until the soup pot is empty. Served in our Apilco soup bowls with a garnish of parsley. A fresh baguette and butter. And . . . if there is any pumpkin pie left, another slice with another dab of whipped cream.
It makes for quick and delicious luncheons the weekend after Thanksgiving when we are busy decorating the house for Christmas. We look as forward to the soup ritual as we do to the Thanksgiving bird and the turkey sandwich with homemade mayonnaise and a glass of cold milk Thanksgiving night.

It's tradition!


Mary Bergfeld said...

Turkey soup is the reason God made turkeys! Well, maybe he was also thinking of club sandwiches and turkey croquettes. Leftovers are the best part of Thanksgiving.

Martha said...

Mary -- I agree --

Southerncook said...


Your soup sounds and looks delish. Just what one needs on a chilly day.