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Monday, December 22, 2008

O Little Town of Bethlehem . . .

Is on a table in my living room. Complete with shepherds, sheep and even a sheep dog as well as the wisemen and camels. Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus are in the stable along with the burro and one cow.

It was my grandmother's and it was an important part of my Christmas memories as a child. Bought at a dimestore in the early 50's, it was missing a wise man and a camel which I found at flea markets. And it came without stable -- somehow that had disappeared. But that was easily replaced. Some of the pieces are chipped or damaged and one sheep really only has three legs (the result of my indulgent grandmother allowing me to play with the set when I was a child).

And she always put it on the window seat in her dining room. I have a picture of this nativity set in her house in the 50's -- perhaps the picture was taken because she had just gotten it. Both the set and the picture are dear to me.

And in the midst of all the food and gifts and trimmings, it is the best reminder of what we will be celebrating in a few days.


Mary Bergfeld said...

It is lovely. Merry Christmas, Martha.

Taste the Rainbow said...


We had a similar Nativity set when I was growing up.

The only thing we did differently, was that baby Jesus was not put in the stable until Christmas morning.

Funny, I hadn't remembered that until I saw your Manger.

Merry Christmas Martha!