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Monday, January 19, 2009

Back From the Carribean

Earlier this month, we left for a vacation -- something that we've not had in a long time. A cruise vacation on the Carnival Ship, Ecstacy. Five nights of living in luxury, being waited on hand and foot.

We drove and took our time getting to the port of Galveston where we boarded the ship -- a leisurely way to start a leisurely vacation.

We cheated winter as well for while temperatures on the prairie were at 2 degrees we were basking in warm sun.
We visited Progresso, Mexico and their sunny beach and warm ocean. A nice way to spend a lazy day.
We also traveled inland to Merida -- a very large city and felt that we had a chance to see real Mexico -- not the tourist areas that the ships seem to go to. An old town, it was a rainy day while we were there.
The Governor's Mansion as well as the centuries old cathedral are two reasons to venture inland to Merida.

We lunched there on tacos and beer in a quaint restaurant before we headed back to the ship and back to sea.

January has slipped past us while we were gone but we did have a good time.

Now, today, the mounds of laundry need to be done, the parched plants watered, the inch thick layer of dust needs to be attended to. But first dog and mail need to be gathered.


Mary Bergfeld said...

It's good to have you back! Your cruise sounds wonder and I'll admit to being a bit envious.

Taste the Rainbow said...

Checking in here from the frozen tundra Martha. I forgot all about your blog, lol!

Your vacation looks wonderful and I too am envious, more than a bit!


Anonymous said...

I just found you on Mary's blog and find what I see very interesting. I will definitely add you to my daily list.