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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Shirley's Strawberries

A wonderful sweet treat, these strawberries made from J-ello, pecans, coconut, shaped like strawberries and rolled in red sugar. A food colored slivered of almond stuck in the top. They make a great Christmas candy but also are a delight on a tray of tea goodies.

My friend Shirley Ann first made these and gave me the recipe. It was long long ago for I've had the recipe "forever" -- it even predates daughter Sarah!

At Linderhof, it's not Christmas nor am I having a tea but rather I made these as decoration for a strawberry cake that is to be served at my sorority event this evening. I think it shall be pretty, each piece of pink strawberry filled cake topped with one of these strawberries.
I call the recipe Shirley's strawberries although I'm sure the real name must be J-ello strawberries. One of those recipes thought up by the company that makes the product as another way to use their product. But it is a good recipe and a fun confection both to make and to eat.

Shirley's Strawberries

2 (3 oz.) strawberries Jello
1 c. pecan ground
1 c. coconut ground
3/4 c. sweet condensed milk
1/2 tsp. Vanilla
Red sugar
Sliced almonds

Add all the above ingredients together (except for the red sugar and almonds) and chill for 1 hour or overnight. Sliced almonds, add green food coloring to these until you get color of green you want. Take strawberry mix and shape with hand looking like a red strawberry. Next roll in red sugar until coated. Stick green almonds for steam. Keep in refrigerator will last a week in refrigerator.


Mary Bergfeld said...

Martha, these are just beautiful.

Martha said...

I must have made them look really like strawberries -- three of the ladies were quite surprised when they bit into the "strawberry" and found that it was candy!


Anonymous said...


I've never seen these before, they are wonderful!!!

I'm for sure going to try and make these soon.

Sherry said...

I've made these strawberries before. Absolutely easy and delicious. mother's name is Shirley Ann!