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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cotes du Porc A L'Auvergnate - Braised Pork with Cream and Cabbage

If the title of my post seems familiar, it should for it was a recipe that was posted by friend Mary, of One Perfect Bite, on Monday.

Mary and I met on a food board ages ago. I always admired both her writing skills whenever she posted as well as the creative recipes that she served. We went our separate ways and lost touch with one another. How great it was when I found her blog. She was the first Linderhof friend and she is often the first blog that I read every morning.

There are so many of her recipes that sound good and often I truly intend to make them but usually something happens and it does not come to be.

Monday, she posted the recipe for Braised Pork with Cabbage and Cream and it really looked delicious. Faced with half a pork loin that husband Jim and I were eating two chops at a time and faced with another chilly rainy afternoon, I decided that this would be just the dish.

It was fantastic. Easy. Husband Jim's first words after four bites were "this is real comfort food". And it is!

Cotes du Porc A L'Auvergnate - Braised Pork with Cream and Cabbage is real comfort food. Along with the pork and cabbage, we had haricot verte and leftover luncheon baguette to sop up the juices.

It's not really a summer meal but it will be the first dish that I will make this fall when temperatures fall once again.

For the recipe, I'll refer you to Mary's site. It is, after all, her recipe. And it's a keeper!


Mary Bergfeld said...

Hugs!!!I'm so glad you liked the recipe. I value your opinion.

Pondside said...

Well, that looks delicious. I love cabbage, and so does The Great Dane, so I'll head on over to Mary's to have a look for the recipe.

the wild raspberry said...

i love those plates you used!
we did it!!! we made a fairie garden this is so cute and was soooo much fun. my little girlies even made little fairies so that they could play in it.
thanks for the inspiring idea!

Sue said...

Hi Martha,
I enjoy Mary's blog, this is so sweet of you to share this info.
I also like the recipe you posted on cucumber salad.
Thank you for sharing, and thank you for visiting , and leaving me a sweet comment.