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Saturday, May 30, 2009


Whenever we entertain, we always like to make a menu for each place setting. It's a souvenir of the meal and often the picture at the top is a picture of the table where the meal takes place (love digital cameras and computers!)
These are menus new and old -- and basically the format is the same -- a picture at the top, then "Dinner at Linderhof" or "Lunch at Linderhof", the date, "Menu" and finally the food being served.
For an Easter luncheon, I used a Victorian Easter card and hand wrote the menu inside.
An old Valentine card used both as a menu and a placecard. The name on the front . . . .
And the menu on the back handwritten in red, of course!
The menus are usually placed in the plate so that our guests can take their napkin and put it in their lap and the menu is there for their perusal before the first course is served.
The menus are usually printed on whole sheets of paper --
And if we're celebrating something special, that is shown at the top as well.
Sometimes we'll find some pretty paper and will use that for our menus. If so, we don't add a picture -- the paper is pretty enough as is.
Whether it is a simple luncheon for four . . . .

Or a luncheon for 10 . . . there is always a menuFor dinner parties, the menu is often one of many courses.
But for a luncheon, the menu is often just three -- a salad course, a main course and dessert!
I just think that it adds something special when everyone has their own menu.
It makes the luncheon or dinner more of an event and tells our guests how special we think they are.


Sam Hoffer / My Carolina Kitchen said...

What a marvelous idea. A very fitting tribute to a lovely meal. I'm definitely going to give this a try. Thanks for the idea.

Pondside said...

A menu is a very thoughtful touch - and if you keep a notebook, an easy way to remember what you served, to whom, when. It seems easier than writing it all down later - which I often forget to do.

Peggy said...

Martha, what a wonderful idea to give a memory of what I imagine is a fabulous meal at Linderhof. Your blog is so inspiring. You add special touches to your table settings and food and make each meal a special occasion. I wish you were in my town!!! Peggy from PA

Mary Bergfeld said...

Martha, this is a really nice idea. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Debbie@Mountain Breaths said...

Martha, this is a great idea, and I do the same. Keeping them in a binder, I enjoyed reflecting back on our menus.

I'll be popping back to your blog the weekend of June 20th. Looking forward to the garden tour!