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Friday, October 2, 2009

The Perfect Begonia

This is a beautiful pink begonia in a pot in the garden. It's grown and grown and is absolutely stunning.
I love begonias, especially pink ones. They seem to like prairie summers -- hot and dry and if you forget to water they are very unforgiving.
This has grown and grown this summer . . . I'll be sorry when the frost comes and takes it away.
I will really miss it!
Alas, it is so big that I have no room for it indoors . . . and it is in a concrete planter to boot -- we'd need a crane to get it inside!

It's been a glory of pink all summer and we've really enjoyed it. There is a smaller one, however, which I WILL bring inside (and it's not in a concrete planter) -- perhaps next summer it can be moved to this pot.


Melinda said...

Hi Martha--
I have a beautiful orange begonia and I'll be sad when it is gone.
The rainy weather that we had here in Kansas this summer helped keep
it growing.

Have great evening.


Anonymous said...

Hi Martha, loved viewing your website it brought back many happy memories spent in your lovely home, eating amazing food.