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Welcome to Linderhof, our 1920's home on the prairie, where there's usually something in the oven, flowers in the garden for tabletops and herbs in the garden for cooking. Where, when company comes, the teapot is always on and there are cookies and cakes to share in the larder.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Lemon Drop Cookies

Although these are called "Lemon Drop" cookies and they do have lemon zest in them, they are really more of a ginger cookie.
They are perfect for an afternoon tea -- even a "tea for one" in the breakfast room.
They're an easy cookie to make and the recipe makes a lot -- good for many afternoons of tea.
And Earl Grey is the perfect tea to accompany a ginger cookie. With a slice of lemon, please.
The cookies are dredged in sugar and cinnamon after baking. And you can't eat "just one"!


grated peel of 1 lemon
1 cup butter
2 cups light brown sugar
1/3 cup sour cream
2 eggs
1 t. vanilla
1 t. lemon extract
3 1/2 cups flour
1 T. ground ginger
2 t. soda
2 t. cream of tartar
1 t. salt

Cream the butter and sugar together until light and fluffy. Add to the butter/sugar mixture, the sour cream, eggs, vanilla, lemon extract and lemon rind. Beat until smooth. Sift together the flour, ginger, soda and cream of tartar and salt. Add to the batter and mix together well. With a small teaspoon, dip out small amounts of dough and roll in the hands into small balls, less than an inch in diameter. Place about 1 1/2 inches apart on buttered cookie sheets. Bake in a slow oven (325) about 15 minutes or until lightly brown.

Remove carefully from pan at once and dip each cookie into a mixture of 1/2 cup light brown or white granulated sugar and 1 1/2 t. cinnamon. Shake off excess and cool on wire racks.


Madame Sucre said...

those are DROP dead gorgeous.. and you know what else is gorgeous? the blue delftware !

Morning Glories in Round Rock said...

YUM! Now I am hungry. I do love that recipe. Think I'll go make a batch this morning. I loved looking at your blog--beautiful home, and it looks like we share a love of antiques and collectibles.

One of our favorite stops on our yearly trek to visit family, is the River Market Antiques in Kansas City. I have dreams about that place!

Nancy Yoakum said...

Looks like another delicious recipe to try. One of my favorite boxed cookie to have is Carr's Ginger Cremes...very English, so it will be nice to have a homemade recipe to try!

Smiles, Nancy

La Table De Nana said...

I find you have an old world elegance:) The cookies look very good.

Pondside said...

As always, the recipe and the setting are perfectly matched. This is definitely my kind of cookie and Earl Grey is my tea of choice any afternoon (or morning, or evening!)

Sam Hoffer / My Carolina Kitchen said...

I'm beginning to use lemon zest more and more these days. Gorgeous lemon drop cookies.

joey said...

Lemon & ginger, a wonderful combo ... these cookies look fantastic!

Cass @ That Old House said...

These cookies look special. Especially on that gorgeous CHINA! "Our" Indies Blue always looks wonderful, doesn't it? And you have the TEA POT. I have the sugar and creamer, but no pot. Hmm... will have to start haunting Ebay.

Thanks for the good vote for the IKEA wood top. Their price is so reasonable -- it will offset the pain of the soapstone bill!

And around here, marble is more than soapstone! And granite is the most affordable. The fabricators come Thursday to make the template, and I should have new countertops next week. Yikes.

Planning new flooring for the sunroom -- not brick! Cass
PS Love that pumpkin centerpiece. A white pumpkin -- so different, and nice because it leaves the orange of Halloween behind.

Cathy said...

The perfect cookie in my estimation: spicy and not too sweet. What could be better with a nice cup of tea?

Juliana said...

Oh! These cookie look so everything that is lemony...indeed great for the afternoon tea :-)

Mary Bergfeld said...

These sound delicious. Ginger and lemon are two of my favorite ingredients. I'll wager they're terrific in these cookies.

Michelle said...

I love lemon cookies but don't think I've had lemon cookies with cinnamon before. Sounds wonderful!

house things said...

Those look absolutely scrumptious. Any baked good with ginger in the ingredient list immediately gets my attention. You are so generous to share these great recipes. Thank you!