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Friday, February 26, 2010

German Baked Pancake

Although it is Lent and although we have pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, we still enjoy a German Baked Pancake for breakfast. This pancake, a cousin to a popover, is easy to prepare and yummy to eat.
Although you can top it with fruit, we like it just so -- a pat or two of butter, a squeeze of lemon juice and a shower of powdered sugar.
And we're not greedy -- no, we split the pancake. Half is just perfect for breakfast!

German Baked Pancake

3 large eggs
3/4 c. flour
3/4 cup milk
1/2 t. salt
1/2 t. vanilla

Beat together all ingredients. When smooth, set aside. Melt 1 1/2 T. butter in 12 inch heavy iron skillet. When skillet is hot pour in batter and put skilled in preheated 450 oven. Bake 15 minutes at 450; lower oven to 350 for 10 minutes. It will be puffed but will settle when removed from the oven.

We like ours with powdered sugar and lemon but it is good with sauteed apples, warm blueberry compote or fresh fruit of your choice.
It's Friday which means that it's Foodie Friday so visit friend Michael at Designs by Gollum and see all the delicious treats this Friday!


Red Couch Recipes said...

Your pancake looks lovely. I make a version of this about once a week...but in the oven. I love your version! Thanks for posting! It looks fun in a skillet pan...I will have to try it.

Pondside said...

I've never tried that kind of pancake, but it's looking like Saturday breakfast!
I missed your posts for the past few days - glad to see you back!

Mary Bergfeld said...

You've made me hungry, Martha. This is always such a civilized way to start the day. Yours looks wonderful.

Allie and Pattie said...

It's the pancake version of a frittata! We love them
xoxo Pattie

Anonymous said...

We love German pancakes at our house, they are so good! We put a raspberry sauce on ours with syrup. Yum! I saw a post were someone put them in muffins tins for a smaller version, I plan on trying that. Have a wonderful weekend. Denise@cottagesisters.

cherry said...
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cherry said...
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kathleen said...

That looks good. And, best of all, it appears sort of easy. Something I can do!

I've been meaning to mention that I have the same blue and white plates. About 10 years ago, we bought our cabin. The kitchen still had all the old everything from the original owners. One of the nice things left behind were the blue and white dishes. Yay!

cherry said...

Looks like Saturday breakfast to me!!! My husband is German/Dutch, so he'll be so happy! Thanks so much for sharing such wonderful things with the world. :-)

Keetha Broyles said...

This looks very similar to my friend's recipe for Yorkshire Pudding - - - only leave out the vanilla and serve it with gravy over it. I have ALWAYS loved it.

Scribbler said...

If I poured this over blackberries and baked it, would it be like a clafouti or would it just be a mess? Maybe I should cook the blackberries separately and pour on top?


GardenOfDaisies said...

I made one of these many years ago and it was so fun! We had company and I wanted to do something pretty for breakfast. This fit the bill.

Lottie said...

I found your recipe for German Baked Pancake about 45 min. ago and I just put the dishes up after serving it to my family. Oh, my family loved it, and said to tell you Thank You! for posting the recipe. We were all watching the Olympics when I happened on the recipe and I thought...this would be a good little dessert! Wow, was it good! We just cut the pancake in 4 pieces and lifted it right out of the skillet on salad plates. We poured maple syrup over it and YUM! My husband said to make sure I keep this recipe! Thanks for making me look good tonight! Well, back to the TV to watch curling :-)

The Norwegian said...

Glad, glad, glad that I am getting your posts again. Missed them! I love popovers and can see that the puffy batter of the German pancake will make a breakfast treat. Probably maple syrup for us...after a bite or two with just butter.

Dan said...

Hi Martha
Mmmm, this looks delicious. All the benefits of pancakes without the trauma of trying to toss them in a frying pan! Will definitely try this with lashings of golden syrup!
Thanks for sharing, I've never come across one of these before!
Best wishes

Anonymous said...

I made this today (Sunday) and decided to do the blackberries on the side. It was a big hit! Thanks for sharing.