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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Ladies Club

Once a year, I do as my mother did -- I host my ladies club. Of course, as with any ladies club, there are co-hostesses, and the ladies that were my co-hostesses were wonderful!

We planned on-line -- the menu and the duties. A hostesses responsibility is to clean house and set the tables -- husband Jim was sweet and helped tote and carry the necessary additional chairs and tables so that I could host tonight's meeting.

When the ladies arrived, we welcomed them with . . .
A selection of white wine -- it was help yourself.

My co-hostesses and I were overwhelmed with the response of RSVP's and found that we had 32 who had agreed to come to our meeting!

It was a creative afternoon at Linderhof as we moved furniture out to the porch, pushed other furniture into corners and drafted living room chairs to serve as dining chairs.

We managed to set 4 tables which accomodated all 32 of our guests (including us!)
This is a great table -- it folds into one of those half tables. I've had it for a long time and it's been here and there in the living room. I finally figured out that it should live against the bookcase with only a small object d'art on top that can easily be moved.
The breakfast room -- the only change is adding two additional chairs.
The big table in the dining room. Because our dining room chairs are so big, we decided to use the skinnier folding chairs so that we could seat 10 in the dining room.
And the folding table which lives in the garage had the nicest chairs -- our dining room chairs. Those folding tables are great, store easily and the new white ones are also lightweight. (I've hauled loads of those long and heavy church tables -- this one is the same size, it folds in half, and even I can carry it -- alone!)

Since we decided to do a salad supper, we had the plates filled and at the places before the guests arrived.

I didn't realize that I had that many Spode blue and white plates! But I do!!!

Since there were three of us, we chose to have a salad supper -- fruit, meat and vegetable salads. I made the chicken salad nestled on a bed of baby greens and topped with garden chives and a great spiced fruit salad of pears, peaches and grapes, Friend Michelle made the Oriental coleslaw -- always a favorite, and Friend Barbara provided the homemade wholewheat bread and butter.

It was a great dinner hour before our business meeting. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves!

The chairs and folding table are on the porch waiting to go back to their home in the garage, the dishwasher is humming with plates and stainless, and the crystal and silver have been washed and put away. It is so nice to have helpful co-hostesses! Michelle and Barbara were troopers! A pile of linens await tomorrow's washing and ironing.

It's Thursday which means that it's time for Tablescape Thursday. Join Susan at Between Naps on the Porch to see what everyone else has on their Table this Thursday!


Allie and Pattie said...

It looks wonderful, Martha! And the colorful salads look lovely on the Spode. My husband rolls his eyes- he thinks we're the only ones that can set tables for over 50 on china! :)
xoxo Pattie and Allie

From the Kitchen said...

It is quite the fete to feed that many people in such a gracious, beautiful and delicious way. Kudos!


Silver Pansy Designs said...

Please share your fruit salad recipe. It sounds yummy!

william said...

Martha, you are amazing! Congratulations on pulling that off! Everything looks beautiful and the plates look delicious!

Pondside said...

It's so nice to read a post from someone who so obviously loves to be a hostess and takes the time to make each event special.

D.B. said...

Wow! That was quite an undertaking and everything looks gorgeous and delicious! You are definitely "the hostess with the mostess!"

The Tablescaper said...

How wonderful that your home can accomodate such a large crowd. Of course I love the blue and white, but what really caught me eye were those wine glasses - simply stunning. It has helped me focus on what I'll be looking for this summer as antique shows and tag sales start up!

- The Tablescaper

Mary Bergfeld said...

You never cease to amaze me my friend. The tables all look wonderful. You made the event really special.

SavoringTime in the Kitchen said...

What an undertaking to seat and feed so many! Congratulations on a job well done!

BumbleVee said...

and poor little Oliver...I see he was relegated to the garden....all alone.....and lonely..... lol.....

Lorrie said...

Beautifully done - what a fun time you must have had together.

Rose H (UK) said...

Oh goodness! That looked such a lovely spread, and set out so beautifully. What troupers you and your co-hostesses must be, I'm certain the Ladies have appreciated it greatly.

Deanna said...

Dearest Martha,
I said out loud, "Oh what Fun!"

It's been awhile since I attended a Ladies Meeting and had a beautiful meal like this.
A great way to celebrate Spring.

Your place looks lovely,

benchwarmer said...

hey martha, how creative you are to be able to seat and serve so beautifully your 32 guests! i love your home and your setting is lovely. i'll bet you had a blast!