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Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Bargain in the Garden

The garden bed around the pond held annuals last year -- this year it holds weeds. Well, not weeds but rather sunflower seedlings. Sunflower seedlings because husband Jim has a perchant of putting sunflower seeds on the statue. The birds seem to like it and it is fun to see a couple of red birds perching on the statue.

And then along came a bargain . . . . perennials at the remarkable price of 5 for $10!!!! But only while supplies lasted.

And I got there while there were still supplies. Not a big selection and by the time I got there, there were a lot of empty spots on the racks but there were plenty of perennials.

I spent $30 and got 15 plants . . . .
I pulled the sunflower seedlings and worked the soil, then I planted . . . and planted . . and planted!
My choices, although limited, were pinks (which I love for their clovey scent), speedwell in pink and salvia in purple.

I think I got quite a transformation in this bed for $30 and a bit of labor!

It's spring and it is so good to be digging in dirt again!

It's also Met Monday -- and the transformation of my pond bed from sunflower seedlings to blooming perennials is my metamorphosis for this Monday. Join Susan at Between Naps on the Porch to see what other transformations there are this Monday -- both inside and out!

I'm celebrating two years of Lines From Linderhof, 600+ posts and 200+ followers, so I'm doing a give-away.
Of a copy of my favorite herb book, my herb bible, Betty Crocker's Kitchen Gardens, by Mary Mason Campbell with illustrations by Tasha Tudor. To enter the drawing for the giveaway, make mention on your comment that you'd like to participate and for a second chance, if you're a follower, mention that as well and I'll put your name in twice!!!!

And if you entered yesterday, you can enter again today! So there's plenty of chances to win!

I've had a fun two years sharing Linderhof with you I look forward to sharing more of Linderhof -- her kitchen, her gardens and her rooms.


Pondside said...

I'd say you did very well for $30 and some hard labour! I notice that I have a whole planter full of pinks that have come back from last year - actually their third year. Perennials are such a bargain!

Lorrie said...

Your pond surroundings look lovely and I hope we get to see photos of the same spot later in the summer.

I'd love to participate in your giveaway and I am also a follower!

Sherry said...

I have more work to do in my yard. Mainly some weed pulling. The bluebonnets are making 'beans.' They will get really scraggly before they can be mowed.

Enter today too? Okay. ;o)

Allie and Pattie said...

Martha, that was indeed a GREAT price. Nursery prices seem to have skyrocketed here the past 2 years. That bed will be just gorgeous. I would love to be entered agin- thank you!
xoxo Pattie

Peg said...

You're going to love the perennials, especially as they grow and spread. My pinks have filled in a large space in only a few years.

Unknown said...

OH, what a neat book. Love all your gardening.

Anonymous said...

It is always such a pleasure to see your lovely home and what you are up to! The garden is no exception.


From the Kitchen said...

Of course I'd love another chance to receive your favorite herb book! And, I'm still a follower. I'm a little stiff today after planting all my herbs. Well, not too stiff to attend a delightful tea today which I'll post about tomorrow.

Oh, I think I like your bargain plants better than I would the sunflowers but, sunflowers are beautiful.


Donna and Miss Spenser said...

What fun...we had a our local garden club sale this past weekend too...wishing I had been able to attend...was too busy with being a chauffeur this weekend!

Would love to participate in the giveaway...thanks,

Erica (Irene) said...

What an awesome book.......and I'm sure as usual your garden will look great.
Enter me in Martha.... I would love to participate.

thanks for sharing. :-)

Haden News said...

Your garden bed looks great, I love to put pink and purple together!

I would love to be included in your giveaway!!

I am a follower and enjoy your blog very much.

parTea lady said...

Your garden is lovely and the plantings around the pond are really nice (great statuary). What a difference $30 and a lot of hard work can make!

Thanks for your herb book giveaway.

Debbiedoos said...

You done great there Martha, you gardens are beautiful already, can't wait to see them later on in the season!

LavenderBlue said...

Back today as a regular follower. You are always so inspirational. It is refreshing to see all the NICE-ities of entertaining.

SavoringTime in the Kitchen said...

I pulled weeds almost all afternoon yesterday and did some planted also. It is wonderful to dig in the dirt again! I love veronicas and salvias. Can't wait to see that area in bloom!

D.B. said...

Hey Martha! I can't wait to watch this grow! It will be beautiful. Please post more pics of this as it grows.

The Prodigal Tourist said...

Just back from the garden shop, would love to win a herb guide, thank you! Love your garden, by the way.

Mary Bergfeld said...

I'm looking forward to your garden tour when we can see your efforts in full bloom. Have a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

GardenOfDaisies said...

A whole garden bed for $30 is a deal!! :-) I love perennials, because you plant them once but enjoy them for years! they just keep coming back up!
We have all sorts of little things sprouting under our bird feeders too.
Please enter me again for your drawing! I would love to win this book! I have enjoyed following along these past few months, learning new recipes, watching the garden change with the seasons, seeing the interior of the house... It has been an enjoyable journey for me.

niartist said...

Oh Martha! Don't I know it! I haven't really gotten a chance to dig in the dirt, because I'm so scared that it's going to frost here. They say that after Mother's Day we usually have a go ahead on planting, but last year I planted on Mother's Day and 4 days later we had snow! I lost quite a bit, and it wasn't at the bargain you got! LOL! :) So as much as I'm itching to get out there and get started ... I'm stuck inside putting my house back together and getting the bathroom finished. Who knew painting would take longer than the tiling? REALLY!?

Carol said...

I was lucky enough to get in on that fantastic sale too!!!! It was sooooo much fun!!!

paperbutterfly said...

I am so taken with your blog's name.

My husband's family own an equestrian farm and they named it Linderhof, many years ago. As well they owned a garden centre at one time. I hope your garden grows well. Dispite my marrying into a family with green thumbs I am a great gardner. Good luck.