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Welcome to Linderhof, our 1920's home on the prairie, where there's usually something in the oven, flowers in the garden for tabletops and herbs in the garden for cooking. Where, when company comes, the teapot is always on and there are cookies and cakes to share in the larder.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

After the Salad Luncheon Tea

Last Wednesday, the Lutheran Church in the little town 20 miles east of us had their annual Salad Luncheon. Friend Sally and I attended and had a great time, tasting all of the good salads -- always two meat, two vegetable and two fruit, with Sally's (but not friend Sally) breadsticks and a dessert -- this time it was a chocolate peanut butter cookie.

We did a bit of shopping after and then when we got back to Linderhof, there was tea and a cake awaiting us for a midafternoon nosh.

The table still held Tuesday's Quaker Lace tablecloth and the blue vase with the lacecaps. And, of course, I had to use my blue and white.
Spode Blue Room cups and saucers, tea plates and even a teapot. Mrs. Boland's silver forks and a wee starched pressed napkin.
There is nothing so homey as a lace tablecloth, a vase of flowers, a cake and the Spode!
And the cake -- a new recipe that I wanted to try. From an old cookbook bought at a garage sale during the last month. The 50 cent price was worth every penny if I got nothing else but this cake. It's French and translates to "Everyday Jam Cake". I fudged and added lemon zest to the batter and lemon curd instead of jam. Sally pronounced it "the best"!
With lemon in the cake and in between the layers, yellow sugared pansies seemed the ideal decoration.

It's Thursday and time for tablescapes. So please join Susan at Between Naps on the Porch to see what everyone is doing on their tables this Thursday. At Linderhof, we had afternoon tea! The tea of choice with this lemon cake? An Earl Grey with a hint of citrusy bergamont.

Gateau De Jour
(Everyday Jam Cake)

1/2 cup butter
1 cup sugar
1 t. vanilla
2 eggs
2 cups flour
1 T. baking powder
1/2 t. salt
1 cup milk
1/4 cup apricot jam
2 - 3 T. powdered sugar

Cream the butter, sugar and vanilla together in a large mixer. Add eggs and beat until blended. Sift and measure flour. Combine with baking powder and salt. Add to creamed mixture with milk. Beat only until blended.

Lightly oil a 9 inch layer cake pan with 2 inch sides. Dust with flour. Cut waxed paper to fit bottom of pan and place over flour. Spoon in cake batter and bake at 350 for 30 minutes. Cool in pan on rack.

As soon as cake is cool enough to handle, invert it onto yur hand and quickly peel off the waxed paper. Place cake sooth-side-up on serving dish. Split in half horizontally. Spread jam between layers. Place a lace paper doily on top of cake. Sift powdered sugar over top. Carefully remove doily. Serve the cake warm or at room temperature.

NOTE: I added the zest of 1 lemon to the batter. And then I used lemon curd instead of jam between the layers.


Blondie's Journal said...

The cake looks delicious! We stayed at a B & B once that always served cake and tea at 4:00. A nice opportunity to meet other guests of the inn. I remembered that when I saw your pretty cake.


Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh my, this is so pretty. The cake looks so yummy and the pansies are just fantastic. Such a beautiful tea. Hugs, Marty

Lottie said...

Oh, it looks delicious!

D.B. said...

Your photos look like they came straight out of Victoria magazine! Whatever happened to that publication? So many have "bit the dust." : (

Allie and Pattie said...

Martha, so very inviting as always. Love the cloth and the cake is a must try!
xoxo Pattie

Lynn said...

Just perfect, what a nice treat!

Martha said...

DB-- Victoria Magazine is alive and well -- published now by Phyllis Hoffman (although not as good as the original -- it has some of the old feel about it) who also publishes Southern Lady and Tea Time. I take all three.

I have ALL of the issues of the old Victoria and refer to them now and again -- seasonally actually. Love the fall issues and the England issues!

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

You always have the most welcoming looking tables! And you always serve up something that looks wonderful!

Tricia said...

What a lovely lifestyle your posts always suggest! That cake is gorgeous and sounds delicious! I know you and your friend enjoyed recapping the day's adventures in such a pretty setting!

Pondside said...

I may just go and make that this minute and surprise The Great Dane when he gets home from his meeting.

Kathryn @ Bonafide Southern said...

Beautiful lace tablecloth. That cake looks so delicious and very tempting. Thanks for sharing and happy TT to you!

Johanna Gehrlein said...

That is an adorable tea time table with such a nice cake. So inviting and cozy.
Greetings, Johanna

Johanna Gehrlein said...

That is an adorable tea time table with such a nice cake. So inviting and cozy.
Greetings, Johanna

Donna said...

Your cake looks so delicous, I couldn't even concentrate on the table for looking at it. :)
Lovely blue teapot and dishes.

From the Kitchen said...

Martha: Lovely as always. I'd love to have tea and a nosh at Linderhof. I just discovered "Southern Lady" yesterday while killing time at Barnes and Noble. I cannot wait to read it cover to cover. How could I, a southern lady, have not known it existed? Perhaps it's just made it's way to the Chicago newsstands?


Mary Bergfeld said...

Martha, the cake sounds lovely and it was a perfect choice for tea on that beautifully set table. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

Mary Bergfeld said...

Martha, the cake sounds lovely and it was a perfect choice for tea on that beautifully set table. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

Betsy said...

Cake looks delicious, I will try this. Thank you for the recipe.


Barbara said...

Cake and tea sound just wonderful! That cake is as much a joy to the eye as I am sure it was to the mouth. It is so pretty. The blue and white is so pretty. Thank you for the recipe!

BumbleVee said...

oooooh always lots of goodies over here.... and, look.. little Oliver got a sliver this time! lol...good for him.... who could resist that little face? I'd be feeding him under the table for sure....

Sweetladyelaine said...

Thank you for the cake recipe. It looks so wonderful! A very pretty tea,thanks for sharing.

Southerncook said...

What a perfect way to end an afternoon with a dear friend but with tea and a gorgeous cake. It sounds so very yummy and decorated beautifully.


Unknown said...

Oh, so lovely! I would love to sit and enjoy a cuppa and some cake at this table :)


Requi Tablescaping Escapades said...

Oh, I adore your blue and white; it's beautiful atop your lace tablecloth. That cake looks delectable and the perfect accompaniment to a hot cup of tea. What a nice way to spend the afternoon.

All the Best,


Marigene said...

Looks delightful!

Miss Merry said...

Your table is lovely and thank you so much for sharing your recipe for Jam Cake. I can't wait to try it!

The Salad Luncheon sounds like an event to look forward to - what fun.

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

The cake looks delicious and the yellow pansies are so pretty with the blue and white china! I always enjoy seeing tablescapes done with blue and white!


Bill said...

Beautiful, Martha! But then your tables and the dishes you prepare (especially the gorgeous desserts) always look absolutely delectable!

Happy Tablescape Thursday!
Hope your weekend goes well.

Very best regards,

The Tablescaper said...

I've never seen the Spode Blue Room tea pot. Very pretty.

The cake looks de-lish!

Hope you'll be joining us again for "Summer Sundays.

- The Tablescaper

Kelly said...

I can just imagine sitting there have tea and cake enjoying a cozy chat. What a beautiful home and hostess you are.