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Monday, June 14, 2010


I have a love of blue and white dishes and have a large collection of Spode -- some Blue Room and some Blue Italian. But bowls are what I seem to be lacking -- I have cereal bowls in 4 different Blue Room patterns that were part of a small set I got a few years ago at Costco and I have 4 rimmed soup bowls in the Blue Room Camilla pattern that I got at a Tuesday Morning -- they weren't cheap but cheaper than retail and 4 was all that I could afford at the time.

However. . . . this weekend . . . . we were back at Tuesday Morning looking to see what bargains they had on clearance which was an additional 50% off!!!! Bargains to be had, for sure!!!
And what do I spy on the shelf at the very last Tuesday we went too -- minutes, just minutes, before closing time?

Spode Blue Soup Bowls!!!

The back label says that they normally retail for $53 each and they originally sold at Tuesday for $24.99 (which is what I paid for the first four, methinks) but they were marked down to $12.99 (and I would have paid that had I been in there earlier in the month) but they were half of that!!! $6.50 each!!!!!

This pattern is Camilla and I like the patterned blue border with the camilla in the center. I do have one Spode Blue Room plate in this pattern.

It's great to now have 8 bowls for I can use them when we have dinner parties. I do love setting the table with the Spode for it sets a pretty table AND it goes into the dishwasher as well!

And just think for just half of what I would have paid retail for one bowl, I got all four! Truly a great find and certainly made my day traipsing from one Tuesday Morning to another worthwhile. The bowls (and a birthday present for my greatniece) were my only purchases. It was the third day of the sale and the clearance items were picked over. But somehow, someone, didn't buy those bowls!!!

It's Monday and time for Blue Monday at Smiling Sally's at I can't think of a better blue than Spode transferware! And since the bowls came so cheaply, I'm also at Today's Thrifty Treasures hosted by Southern Hospitality. Please visit and see what is happening this Monday!


D.B. said...

Oh Martha, these are gorgeous! I can just imagine how your stomach leapt once you looked at the price tag. I got a little tingle myself.

Deanna said...

You got a heck of a deal!!!
Tis wonderful to get a treat like this. Blessed u.

d from homehaven

SmilingSally said...

It's easy to see why you're excited, Martha. These bowls are so special, and you got them at bargain prices! Happy Blue Monday.

Ann said...

These are really pretty and a fantastic bargain. I love Tuesday Morning!. Happy Blue Monday

Mary Bergfeld said...

The bowls are wonderful Martha. You've picked a great find to share with us on Blue Monday. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary

The Tablescaper said...

Oh congratulations. They are truly beautiful. I have a lot of Blue Room too, but the border on Camillas is so different - just beautiful. I'm looking forward to seeing them in a tablescape!

I'm hosting a new meme called, "Summer Sundays". It's all about what summer means to YOU: like your gardens or a beautiful tablescape. I'd love to have you come and join us.

- The Tablescaper

GwendolynKay said...

How lovely that you found the bowls you were wanting and at a reasonable price too.

Kim, USA said...

Oh geez that is gorgeous!!

Cake & Cupcakes

lindaraxa said...

they were meant for you Martha, that's why! congrats.

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Martha, Your bowls are a find and a treasure... as is you SILVER MEAT DOME! I, like you, have been lusting over them for a couple of years, but have now found one in my price range.
You lucky girl on both accounts!
I can't wait to see what you will do with both in future posts!

Allie and Pattie said...

Martha, I don't generally shop too often in the TJ Max/Homegoods type stores, but I've been very lucky on a few occasions in Tuesday Morning. Great find!!
xoxo Pattie

Karen said...

Absolutely beautiful! And weren't you the lucky one? That is great.
Have a great week.
Ladybug Creek

Southerncook said...

I have never known anyone that comes across such fabulous "FINDS" as you do. WOW, they are beautiful and that would never happen to me. If I had bought four at one time and hoped for a few more my luck would be that I would never find them. Glad that you found four more.


Anonymous said...


Coloradolady said...

Beautiful, beautiful dishes, I loved them! Happy Blue Monday

Amy said...

GREAT FIND!!! They're lovely and I love when you're on the hunt and You find what you're looking for and for a bargain to boot! Doesn't happen often!

Pondside said...

What a find - they were waiting just for you! I'll bet we'll soon be reading some great soup recipes.