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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lemon Sage Chicken Cutlets

With all the time spent in the herb garden -- both at Linderhof and at the Arboretum, it was time for a real herbal meal. Cooking with herbs is easy -- it's just adding herbs to your favorite dish to enhance the flavor. But . . .

Sometimes I like to fix an herbal recipe. This chicken dish is one of those. The sage is a good foil for chicken and although it is a cutlet, it's not floured, egg, breaded and fried so it's more figure friendly.
Not only are the sage leaves sauteed and added to the sauce, but I garnished the dish with sage blossoms which surprisingly has a very strong sage flavor. Plus it adds a great purple color to the plate. The perfect accompaniment -- herbed rice!


4 skinless, boneless chicken breast halves
salt and freshly ground pepper
1 medium onion, thinly sliced
1 bunch of fresh sage
4 1/2 T. lemon juice
3 1/2 T. olive oil
3 T. butter
lemon wedges or slices

Pound the thicker end gently with the side of a large knife to flatten evenly. Season lightly with salt and pepper.

Scatter half the onion slices and 8 to 12 sage leaves or small sprigs of sage evenly over the bottom of a glass or ceramic dish just large enough to hold the chicken breasts in a single layer. Drizzle about 1 1/2 T lemon juice and 1/4 T. olive oil over the chicken and rub it lightly to coat. Invert the chicken breasts in the dish and coat the tops with another 1 1/2 T of lemon juice and 1/4 T. olive oil. Top each breast half with 2 or 3 sage leaves and scatter the remaining onion slices on top. Cover with plastic wrap and let marinate at room temperature for 1 to 3 hours (or refrigerate for up to 6 hours -- if chicken is refrigerated let it stand at room temperature in its marinade for at least 1 hour before cooking).

In a large heavy skillet, heat the remaining 2 T. olive oil over moderately high heat. Remove the chicken from the marinade, wipe off the sage and onion, and pay dry with paper towels. Add the chicken to the hot oil in the pan and saute for 2 1/2 minutes or until nicely browned on the bottom. Turn over and cook 2 to 3 minutes, until browned on both sides and white but still juicy in the middle. Remove the chicken to a platter and cover with foil to keep warm.

Pour out all the oil from the pan. Add the butter to the skillet and melt over moderate heat, stirring with a wooden spoon to scrape up any brown bits from the botom of the pan. Add about a dozen sage leaves to the melted butter, and cook, stirring gently and turning the leaves over if you can, until they are lightly browned and crisp and the butter is lightly browned, about 3 minutes. Stir in the remaining 1 1/2 T. lemon juice and pour the sauce and sauteed sage leaves over the chicken breasts. Garnish the platter with lemon wedges or slices to squeeze over the chicken. Serve at once.

It's Friday -- which means that it's Foodie Friday -- so please join Michael at Designs by Gollum to see what tempting taste treats everyone has this Friday!


SavoringTime in the Kitchen said...

I was just herb garden shopping today to add to my herb garden. I was so impressed at all the different varieties of sage there are! What a lovely recipe.

Suz said...

Martha, I stopped by for a cup of comfort and you didn't disappoint

Pondside said...

We arrived home this afternoon to find that our sage is blooming, so I think your recipe is timely!

Southerncook said...

Martha, This looks wonderful. My Sage is looking great so I will try this recipe soon. I too am always looking for new ways to use my fresh herbs from the garden.


Mary Bergfeld said...

What a special treat. These look delicious, Martha. What a wonderful way to use herbs. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

BumbleVee said...

mmm...this sounds yummy .... gotta find me some sage!

La Bella Cooks said...

This is a delicious sounding (and looking!) recipe. The sage blossoms are gorgeous on there as well. What a great idea.

Allie and Pattie said...

I just added more sage to what we're growing- it's one of my favorites. My Nonna used to fry the leaves for me as a snack. Lovely dish!
xoxo Pattie

Maree said...

Love your blog! I'm totally making the STRAWBERRY TRIFLE this weekend!

Your gardens are so lovely...

parTea lady said...

That lemon sage chicken recipe sounds delicious and it also looks pretty on the plate. One of these years I will get a herb garden planted.

January Asia said...

Hello Martha. We have passed along an award to you. See for yourself:

January Asia & Steven Hui

Louisette passion retriever, cat, memory Katanga said...

Lovely blog,
Greeting from Belgium, Have a nice weekend with sun .

Lemon Verbena Lady said...

Martha, I always enjoy your recipes. I will have to try this on The Herbal Husband. I know we both will enjoy it!