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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Rare Bloom

I'm not a real "water feature" person. I do like water in the garden but it doesn't have to be a feature, however . . . . two years ago Husband Jim and I found the cat.

The first year, he sat in a black tub in the place where the "pond" now sits. We loved the charming one-eared cat having fallen in love with this fountain when we first saw it at a Garden Center in the city.

Last year, we had a pond dug so he would have a proper place.

And last year we put in a water lily -- a $30 water lily! As well as three small water hyacinths. The three hyacinths became a mass of hyacinths, that we moved, gave away, threw away . . . all the while the water lily disappeared. . . . .

But the hyacinths are not winter hardy on the prairie and so they were gone with the first frost. The water lily grew dormant and, alas, it, too, disappeared.

Only to reappear this spring -- and grow and grow and grow.
Last week, it bloomed! The first bloom. A rare bloom! It closed at sundown only to open again the next two days.

I love water lilies with their big leaves floating on the surface and that bloom -- so extra special.

No more water hyacinths for us -- we learned our lesson last year -- our first with the pond. The only thing I could wish for -- a frog to sit on the lilypad. Alas, I thought I had some tadpoles but they disappeared.
One of Oliver's duties is to make sure that cats don't bother the fish in the pond -- he takes his job seriously -- always on watch!

The pond is his first stop on his morning ritual -- smelling his way around it . . . . and in the year plus that we've had it -- he's only fallen in twice!!!!! Scaring the fish, I'm sure, as much as it scared him!

It's Wednesday which means that it's Outdoor Wednesday so please join Susan at A Southern Daydreamer to see what wonderful outdoorsy things there are this Wednesday.


Unknown said...

Your water Lilly is magnificent! I too learned my lesson with water hyacinths! And water snails!
Beautiful pond! And Oliver is so handsome.
My Dog, Gadget(Corgie/Sheltie) would love him!
Take Care there!


Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

What a bloom!!! Your pond is great.

Pondside said...

I wish we could have water lilies in our ponds - but the ducks eat them!
I love your Oliver, watching for cats - the canine guardian angel for your fish!

Ms. Bake-it said...

Your water lily is gorgeous! I would love to have a pond but unless I can find a safe place to tuck it away from the view of birds, I think the herons and egrets will think I created a free buffet for them!

~ Tracy

william said...

Just beautiful-- and Oliver is a noble creature!


Ott, A. said...

I have always wanted a little pond like this with lillies and a little fountain. this looks great.

Kelly said...

What a beautiful water lily! I've never seen one before. Usually, I only see the pad (leaves).

Unknown said...

Beautiful lilies! Great job!
What a good dog!
You did such a good job on the pond. Very pretty!

Karena said...

Martha, really beautiful!! Water lilies always remind me of Monet!!

Art by Karena

nannykim said...

So nice, we have a fountain , but I would love a little water feature. However we do not wish to bread mosquitoes--I am wondering if you have any problems with that?

Ro said...

Thanks for stopping by my teddy bear tea party yesterday! I absolutely love water lilies. And that cat is so cute ... he really looks like he's just waiting to pounce on one of the gold fish. I'm following you now and look forward to more of your lovely posts! :)

Doug Green said...

You're right, water lilies are magical and if you feed them in the spring (monthly with the pond tabs is best), you won't need the hyacinths, the lily should pretty much fill up your pond surface. And take heart, the frogs will come (assuming you don't have honking huge fish in the pond to eat the tadpoles) :-) I've written about waterlilies quite a bit on my site here

Mary Bergfeld said...

I loved the garden tour and can imagine the joy - albeit quiet - that accompanied the reappearance of your water lily and then its bloom. Perhaps you will be able to find a frog to sit beside the pond. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

D.B. said...

So gorgeous!!

Southerncook said...

The water lily is gorgeous and I had to laugh when I saw what you wrote about Oliver. I'm sure the poor little guy didn't think it was too funny when he fell in.


Ann said...

The pond is so pretty. I love the fountain - the cat is too cute. Your water lilly is beautiful, I know it makes you smile. Happy Outdoor Wed.

Dan said...

Your waterlily is beautiful! Mine is only just in bud.
I hope you get some frogs, though perhaps you have some you don't know about yet!

Tallulah's Antique Closet said...

You have a beautiful pond and the bloom is just as beautiful! Thank You for the information on the other little girl in the photo. And also Thanks for stopping by. Have a great 4TH...........Julian

Pam of Eastlake Victorian said...


I love your cat spitter! We always get toads in our pond every year who mate and sit on our lily pads and give us lots of tadpoles. You have to give them a way to climb in and out of the pond, though. They, along with the dragonflies, take care of the mosquitoes. :-)