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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Reprise -- Winter Garden Part Two

It's time for Sunday favorites so please visit Chari at Happy to Design. It's summer on the prairie -- a particularly brutal summer on the prairie. Since early in July heat indices have been over 100 although temps have not and for most of August both the thermometer and the heat indices have been over 100.

When you go outside it feels like an oven. If the wind blows, it feels like your standing in front of a hair dryer. It's a humid heat and a few minute outside will absolutely wilt you.

The garden has suffered. Things are just barely hanging on no matter how much water they're given. The heat is just too much! A few flowers (the begonias, the false sunflowers) have continued to bloom seemingly with no ill effects. But even the herbs are looking "tired".

But then I look back at winter posts and the snow that covered the garden and how we longed for warmth. I guess we got our wish!

I'm sharing one of the snow posts from last winter . . . . just looking at the garden blanketed in snow and I'm instantly cooled.

Although it does snow on the prairie in the winter, for the most part winter is brown not white. Christmases, too, are rarely white on the prairie and so when Thursday we got first rain, then sleet and finally snow, the White Christmas that everyone yearns for came to be.

The breakfast room looks out over the back garden and it was transformed from winter brown to winter white.

We have several feeders at Linderhof as well as a heated bird bath. The potting shed sits in the corner wearing a hat of snow.
We throw seed on the ground for the ground feeders -- the juncos, the doves although other birds will also feed on the ground.
We enjoy the garden in all seasons but think that the winter garden with it's covering of snow is magical.

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podso said...

It certainly is nice to view a touch of winter during this extremely hot summer. You described it well. And for us down in the south, add a big batch of humidity. Have a good Sunday!

From the Kitchen said...

I've been looking at my winter postings as well. Our gardens are wilting even with a.m. and p.m. waterings.
The temperatures are supposed to start getting lower today and remain in the low 80s for the week. WONDERFUL!!


Diann @ The Thrifty Groove said...

Ahhh, a nice cold "pretend" relief for a moment! That was needed! LOL

annell4 said...

How beautiful is the snow, and good to remember when summer's winds blow. It has been a hot summer in Taos, as well, but we have not been as hot as you. When I first came to Taos, you needed a jacket at night in the Summer. Now summer is much hotter. Loved to see the snow in summer, I wonder....when things are not just as we want them, do we think of better times?

Mary Bergfeld said...

Your yard is as lovely in winter as at other times of year. Your post was a welcome respite from the heat. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary

Pondside said...

Well that was a lovely cool blast!
We are having record heat up here too - over 31 degrees yesterday and more of the same coming today. It's nearly unheard of for the Pacific Northwest!

Karena said...

I am just hoping for a lovely Autumn and not to go straight into winter although your images are beautiful Martha!

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Southerncook said...

You have had a summer much like ours with the heat and humidity. Wish we got some snow that covered the ground but I'm thinking now, be careful what you wish for. Seeing this post instantly made me feel cooler. BTW, my garden is looking so stressed too from the heat which is why I haven't posted many garden pics lately. I planted a new variety of coneflower (a pink double) to bump some color that I am enjoying. Hopefully, soon I will be able to plant some pansies but I usually wait until Nov. but I will definitely be planting bulbs soon. As soon as we get them in our nursersies so I'm looking ahead to some gardening months and cooler weather.


Silver Pansy Designs said...

Hi Martha,

Love reading your blog. Have some info to share with you. Would you please email me. Thanks, Karen

Sherry said...

Brrrr. ;o) I'm praying for first frost. LOL Keep telling my husband to expect it in September.

Honestly, when it's summer in's hot. That's the way it is. No need to moan and groan...this is where I live...and this is where I want to live.

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hi Martha...

Ohhh...Linderhof's gardens do look magical in their coat of winter white! I can imagine how the summer's heat takes a toll on your beautiful gardens. It's been rather warm here as well, however we are supposed to have rain today! It's so arid here in the northeastern corner of Colorado...I completely understand when you say that the winters are primarily brown. We only get a handful of snows during our winter. Well my friend, thank you for sharing your snow covered garden for Sunday Favorites this week...I feel cooler already! Hehe!

Warmest wishes,
Chari @Happy To Design