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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Reprise - Fall Means Mums

Mums at this time of year at Linderhof are but a mere thought. My surgery keeps me indoors. Alas, no trip to the mum farm nor the pumpkin patch for probably most of September -- fall decorations at Linderhof in 2010 will start in October!

I was thinking of mums this time last year as well -- the post, originally posted, September 7, 2009, were about the fall mums.

Which I adore and with pumpkins and falling leaves make the outside garden seem so seasonal!

I'll patiently wait until I can get out and about and then I will truly share my fall garden on another Outdoor Wednesday. Please join Susan at A Southern Daydreamer to see the rest of the outdoors this Wednesday!

What is fall without mums?

Whether in the garden or in pots replacing spent summer annuals?

There are some in the garden which we do keep pinched back so that they bloom in late summer and early fall. We buy a few small plants each year to add color to the garden NOW and added color to the garden in years to come.

There are always a couple of pots that I like to put mums in for fall color. The rest of the pots get planted with pansies which not only add bright color spots in the fall but if we have a mild winter, they'll bloom all winter long.

We get our mums from good friends Brian and Tara. They grow thousands and thousands of them and a few pots come home to Linderhof. Bought early when they are in bud -- they'll last up to the middle of November and sometimes right up to Thanksgiving.

I'm always at a loss as to colors -- every color seems so perfect -- the bronzes, the reds, the rusts, the yellows, the oranges and even the whites.

But year after year, it seems that the oranges and yellows come home to Linderhof. They seem brighter when seen from the street and also, I think, go better with the pumpkins piled here and there at Linderhof.

It's once again mum time and one small pot of yellow mums are on the back brick stairs. The mums in the side garden are budding. I've yet to make my trip to the Mum Farm but soon, several pots will join that first one in the garden and Linderhof will be abloom again.


SavoringTime in the Kitchen said...

My garden mums have yet to bloom and I haven't been to a garden center to buy any potted mums! I love all the colors also. It's always such a hard decision to choose! How wonderful to know the growers.

Rebecca said...

Funny...I just bought a huge mum for a friend and took it to her birthday party this evening! My hardy mums (planted years ago) are blooming all over the place! They lost their wonderful, original shape (I've been negligent in careful trimming), but they are beautiful just the same.

Like you, fall=mums for me...and apple dumplings and pumpkin dessert. I was unable to find canned pumpkin pie mix at our two largest grocery stores this week. They said it was a seasonal item and not in yet. I don't remember having this "trouble" in years past????

Low Tide High Style said...

I was just thinking about getting some mums today! I hope you will be feeling better soon and I'm sure you'll have plenty of time to buy and enjoy mums again this fall!

Kat :)

On Crooked Creek said...

Strangely enough. . .
I was thinking of a trip to Lowe's today to look at Mums! ! !(We're hosting a Neighborhood Care Unit from our Church here on Sunday afternoon and wanted the vibrant colors of Fall to welcome each guest.)
Ed & I truly enjoy the bronze and rust to violet reds against the Thyme Green paint and stone of our home! Those in the front flower bed have begun to bloom.
Thank you for another lovely post!

From the Kitchen said...

We are enjoying mums. They are the essence of fall to me. I always clip some for the table and nightstand.

I'm thinking about you today as Sarah leaves. It was so quiet around here when the boys left. There was no longer a need for a big lunch or dinners filled with their favorite things. We are, however, settling back into our every day routine and looking forward to their next visit.


Martha said...

Bonnie -- it wouldn't be fall without mums on the table -- there alway has to be some INSIDE as well as outside!

Linda said...

Mums are the best Fall flower...they are cheery and colorful. I have a potof them from last year that I have cut and pinched back all summer long....just resting in the back on the front porch and I can't wait until they bloom! I think I'll go get more!

Ann said...

Mums certainly say "autumn". I love the browns oranges and reds together. Happy Outdoor Wed.

Erica (Irene) said...

Yes.....Mums really say 'Fall'. I've bought some but put them on the side of the house as yet my other flowers are still blooming and I'm hestitant to yank them out...but soon. I couldn't help myself at Costco they were big and a good price.
Feel better Martha.......:-)

Jeanne said...

Fall is mums. I am looking for mine to make a fall vignette outdoors on a bail of hay. I LOVE fall.
Hugs, Jeanne