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Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Summer Survivor

This summer was brutal on the prairie -- hardly any rain in August and temperatures and heat indicies way above 100. It takes a touch plant to not only survive but thrive.

This begonia is a survivor which blooms it's heart out.

It's planted in an old concrete planter and it provides some lovely bloom to the patio. I'm not sure what variety it is but it's the second year I've been able to find this particular begonia and have planted it in this particular spot. With very little water (either from me or the sky), it has thrived. Alas, it is lost to frost and the concrete pot is too big to carry inside for the winter. Next spring, I will be looking for more of this begonia for this pot. It's a real winner at Linderhof!

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From the Kitchen said...

My mother loved begonias and had quite the green thumb with them. We have an unusual begonia still blooming on our porch. It has vivid orange blossoms that are unlike any I've ever seen. Perhaps I'll take a photo with my new camera. So far, I've charged the battery. Thanks for the butternut squash recipe.

Have a great weekend.


Southerncook said...

Martha, Here in N FL most all of my potted plants look parched. I have lost several geraniums and not because of lack of water either. However, we do have some pereniels that bloom in the Fall that are beginning to put on some Fall color for our enjoyment. Your begonia is beautiful.


On Crooked Creek said...

Those who don't live life on the prairie may not understand the survior theory as well as we do! I, like you, was blest this past week with a sweet potato vine on top of my herb box planter. I plant a lime green and a purple variety together!The past two days, the purple one has had trumpet shaped lavendar blooms a plenty in it! Such a welcomed sight! It seems to call to me. . ."We have survived the heat. . .Fall is in the air!"
Thank you for sharing this lovely plant and post with me!