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Welcome to Linderhof, our 1920's home on the prairie, where there's usually something in the oven, flowers in the garden for tabletops and herbs in the garden for cooking. Where, when company comes, the teapot is always on and there are cookies and cakes to share in the larder.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Afternoon Tea for Cass and Me

In September, Cass from That Old House had me as a guest for tea. What a treat to be in That Old House, seated at her tea table sipping tea from "our" china -- Johnson Brothers Indies.

And now it was time for Cass to come from New Jersey to the prairie of Kansas to share a cup of tea at Linderhof!

We both like having Afternoon Tea seated in wing chairs in front of the fire with a table between.

We both appreciate fine linen and fine china . . . . and food!!!!
Four exquisite Christopher Elbow chocolates. Two each -- they are so good but they are so pricey!!!! Cass did understand that there were two apiece! I didn't really catch her trying to take three!

And there was slices of pumpkin marmalade bread as well which go so well with tea! (For two pieces of chocolate -- no matter how exquisite do not make proper tea food!)

Tea poured not from my Indies pot (which is way two small -- it would only be a cup each and we had way too much visiting to do to only have one cup!!) and so, since That Old House is way older than My Old House -- Linderhof -- I used my newest tea set -- (blue and white, of course) -- Abbeville which dates between 1830 and 1850.

The pot filled with Cass's favorite -- a good strong Ceylon.
And the cups we drank it out of -- Johnson Brothers Indies, of course!

What fun it would be for Cass to visit Linderhof -- but we live miles and miles and miles away -- and although we do visit by email (as do our dogs -- Oliver and Dion), it would be so good to pull up a chair and really visit in person! Perhaps some day!!!!

It's Tablescape Thursday so please join Susan at Between Naps on the Porch to see the other fabulous tablescapes.


Tricia said...

Oh, what a lovely setting for tea! I would have enjoyed joining you -- but there wouldn't have been enough of the pretty chocolates! I love your tablecloth -- gorgeous!

On Crooked Creek said...

So glad that Cass could join you all the way from New Jersey! You set such a lovely table. . .what a joy to see that you were enjoying each other's company. Your linens are gorgeous with all the intricate cutwork. Thank you for sharing your hospitality on the prairie!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful and delicious tea! Delightful for both of you!

Anonymous said...

Ha, this is so funny because I always get your two blogs mixed up....I don't know why , but I do. So this post made me smile.

Sarah said...

From the Jersey shore to the prairie land~ sounds like a song. ;-)
I think your tea in those comfy chairs by the fire is sheer delight. So glad two friends across the miles can enjoy the simple delight of afternoon tea with fine linens, fine china, and fine chocolates. LOL
~ Sarah

Pondside said...

I loved this post! I can just imagine how two of my favorite bloggers would enjoy one another's company. The conversational sparks would fly! Thank you for giving us a peek at your visit.

Johanna Gehrlein said...

Hello Martha,
what a nice idea to have tea together virtuell or did Cass meet you in persona? My English is not good enought to be sure that I understood right. Anyway, it was a nice table with delicious goodies and therefore both of you had a wonderful time. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Greetings, Johanna

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Such a beautiful setting and what a glorious time with a friend. Hugs, Marty

Barbara said...

Such a beautiful setting. I am sure you had such a wonderful time enjoying that time with a friend.

Cass @ That Old House said...

Oh Martha!
What fun.
And wouldn't it be fun in REAL life to sit together at a fireside and talk and talk and talk? I don't think you and I would ever run out of things to say!

Oliver and Dion would just look at us and roll their big doggy eyes, and then take good long naps.

Mmmm... chocolate and homemade tea bread, and good strong Ceylon. In OUR Indies cups. Perfect.

And I did NOT try and take a third chocolate; it was Dion, I swear.

Thanks for the virtual tea party, my dear friend.
PS Kitchen just about done! You are one of the people who most influenced me to go for the cabinet painting and I am SO glad! It's like a different house!

Deborah Kay at The Paint Splash said...

Oh what a beautiful home and gardens you have! I am from Kansas! I am having a giveaway and hope you will come by. I only have 34 entries and am starting to feel, well you know, sad that maybe it isn't wanted??? So please come over and join in if you would like to. Debbie

Donna@Conghaile Cottage said...

Every detail is "Delicious"... I REALLY want to pull up a Third Wingback and join you! Do you have a recipe to share the pumpkin marmalade bread??? That sounds irresistible...Thank you for inviting us to your tea, It was unforgettable!
Hugs, Donna

Donna@Conghaile Cottage said...

Oh I almost forgot, WHO is the maker of that incredible square silver tray??? I'm in LOVE with that, it is SO DIFFERENT! LOVE,LOVE,LOVE it!!!
Hugs to you, Donna

Terri said...

Entirely fun I am sure! What a lovely setting for two tea loving friends to share in.

Modern Country Lady said...

What a beautiful table - and so cosy- makes you want to curl up and pour another cup!! I love Johnsons Brothers, and collect whatever I can - have a whole service of " Pareek" which is very bright and cheerful, and a bit of " Marjorie" - very 1930's and very pretty.
I love your blog!!Came to your great blog via A Stroll Thru Life.
I am new in blogland and just started my new blog,
Come and check it out if you have the time and let me know what you think- and become a follower if you want .I am certainly going to follow your blog- I would not want to miss a lovely blog like this for the world !!

Alycia Nichols said...

Absolutely beautiful china!!! I love the whole setting!

Entertaining Women said...

I could while away many a winter afternoon in one of your lovely wing chairs, next to the table with your Johnson Brothers Indies and proper tea and food...such a delight. Thank you for sharing your charming design and for stopping by my post. Cherry Kay

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

A lovely tea for two by the fireside. I love that pretty tea set.

Marlis said...

the linens, the dishes, the friendship. how how wonderful that will be sitting by that beautiful fireplace... It's quite lovely, as usual.

Carol said...

That looks like a real cozy spot.

Becky said...

Martha, it's all just lovely. You are a wonderful hostess and I enjoy it so much when you show us how you use your lovely dishes.