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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Reprise -- Silver Bells, Silver Bells -- It's Christmas Time at Linderhof

This was first published on December 14, 2009. The silver bells are a tradition at Linderhof and I'm off today to buy the 2010 version of the bell. I'm still missing a few but I'm hoping in the next year to fill in my collection so that in 2011 I will have 42 bells to put upon the tree -- or perhaps I should get another tree just for the silver bells!!!

And remember . . . whenever you hear a Christmas bell -- an angel has gotten it's wings!!!

It's Sunday and I'm joining Chari at Happy to Design for Sunday Favorites!

And since it's a Christmas post, I'm joining The Tablescaper for Seasonal Sundays!

For once a year we get out our Silver Bells -- the Reed and Barton silver bells -- each with a date.
From our November honeymoon 40 years ago, the start of the collection. What better way to remember a special time than at Christmas each year as we put this special silver bell on our tree.
The love from the silver bells comes from the movie "It's a Wonderful Life" for each time a bell rings, an angel gets it's wings.
We don't mind if we accidentally bump the tree . . . and one of the bells ring. For we know . . . an angel got it's wings!
I don't have 40 silver bells for most were Christmas gifts from my brother (when we exchanged Christmas gifts) and now with my birthday money, I've started buying a bell each year (quite appropriate as my birthday is in early December).

Some are special remembrances such as the bell from our 25th anniversary year (a gift from a dear friend which commemorates that special anniversary) or the bells from the Homes for the Holiday tours when Linderhof was on tour. Those are indeed special bells.

This year's bell is not on the tree yet -- but it has been ordered . . . with the special engraving "40th Anniversary 2009". I hope to pick it up soon for it needs to be on the tree . . . nestled next to the bell that we bought so many years ago -- which celebrates our first Christmas together.

Please join Tam at The Gypsy's Corner for Three or More Tuesday and see what everyone has been collecting!


D.B. said...

Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday!!!!! Our anniversary is 11/23, my b-day 11/15 and the husband's bday is 12/2! I would love to know your special days.

Pondside said...

What a lovely tradition. I also have Christmas bells, but they are German Hutschenreuther porcelain Weinachts bells, and I love them.

Lynn said...

The bells are very pretty, love that you put them on the tree! Happy Sunday:@)

podso said...

A wonderful tradition with so much meaning for you guys ... happy birthday and anniversary!

Marlis said...

I love your silver bells. Such a delightful way to remember. When is your anniversary? our 36th is 12/30th... Happy Birthday too.

Maggie said...

Your silver bells are wonderful and so is the movie.
I watch it every year as I decorate my tree.
Who doesn't love Clarence?

The Tablescaper said...

What a splendid collection! I can't believe you've been collecting the same thing for so many years. What a wonderful idea to have it engraved celebrating your anniversary. Thank you for making your spectacular collection a part of Seasonal Sundays!

- The Tablescaper

megan said...

Lovely tradition Martha. Happy Anniversary and Birthday. I am a December baby too and we have been married 48 years.
What years are you missing for your bells Martha?

Martha said...

Megan -- most of the 80's it seems -- 81, 82, 83, 85 and 86.

megan said...

Hi Martha:
I had two, can only find one and it is 1997. If you do not have that one, you are welcome to it. We moved and sized down two years ago and there are quite a few things underneath in storage. I will check to see what the other one is if I find it.

Martha said...

Megan -- I have that one but I thank you very much -- that was so sweet of you!

Kelly said...

Love your silver bells...