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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Breakfast for One . . .

Husband Jim most weekday mornings ends up having coffee and breakfast with his cronies. Leaving me alone to start the day. But with paper and coffee and the crossword, I don't mind and actually, on those days my breakfast is probably simpler because it is just for me.

Saturday, when out and about in the city at Estate Sales, I spied a "pile" of blue and white china. I was there in a flash. Looking at first the "covered butter" and then the other pieces, I realized that this little pile of blue and white was a breakfast set for one!!!!

How perfect!!!!

And the price -- $65.00 for the set but it was the second day of the sale so I paid half that. Why was it still there? $65.00 is a really good price for the set (and I would have paid that gladly). I think, perhaps because it was in a "pile" rather than showcased properly that most thought it was just bits and bobs and leftovers of a china set!!!!

So it came home with me . . . and whenever Husband Jim has breakfast with his cronies I shall be breakfasting in style!

It's English, Masons Ironstone and the pattern name is Manchu. I've not seen that pattern before but pattern doesn't matter to me as long as it's blue and white!!!!

It is a complete set save for the egg cup but I can get that from Replacements for only $10 and I will be sending for that! For I do like boiled eggs for breakfast.

It has a matching toast cooler (my other breakfast set does not have one) which is perfect for one -- just three halves (the odd one goes to the dog!)

A coffee pot (for it's tall and thin -- tea pots are short and squatty) and a creamer and sugar (a real English type for it's lidless). The creamer's small but holds enough cream for the coffee and enough for a pour over the fresh berries!

And my favorite piece -- a covered muffin dish. It's English, remember and so think English muffins not our American cake muffins although I could see this filled with wee blueberry muffins, can't you? Perhaps a British reader will tell me more about these muffin dishes.

(It's interesting to note that Replacement's calls it a covered butter -- but I know better!)

I believe that one should start the day at a properly set table -- even if it is just me!!! It makes the whole day go so much better and actually, even if you do the dishes by hand, it isn't that bad!

I am also thinking, that my other breakfast set which I wrote about yesterday, shall be reserved only for guest room breakfasts. That if I shall ever breakfast in bed it shall be with my darling beloved blue and white set!!!

And perhaps one day I shall!!!

It's Monday and so please join Smiling Sally for Blue Monday. What a perfect Blue Monday post -- NEW blue and white dishes!!!!


Thickethouse.wordpress said...

Just lovely, and what an amazing price! You'll enjoy it!

Sherry said...

That is so pretty! What an amazing buy. I found this:

The muffin dish is apparently worth more than you paid for the entire set!

Erica (Irene) said...

Martha....what a beautiful set and price....."old cronies' hahaha too funny.

Cindy @ Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home said...

Great find! Love blue and white and yours are beautiful!

my cup of tea said...

I had never seen a breakfast set before until your post yesterday, now this one, I love them! I am going to be on the hunt. Thank you for sharing!

acorn hollow said...

Such a pretty set. I think we are all so busy we forget to take time for ourselfs.

Tracey said...

How pretty :^) Can't say I've ever heard of a toast cooler... neat!

Priscilla said...

What a treasure. I always love things that I consider "steals". Somehow that makes them all the more special.

On Crooked Creek said...

What an exquisite find! I'm sure that many were thinking...odds and ends...not knowing what treasure was stored inside the box. I had to smile to think of Oliver getting the other half slice of toast. Enjoy your breakfast for one...and be sure to post your egg cup when it arrives!

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

what a exciting find! I love the toast cooler!

Ben said...

True class as always, Martha. I love that you'll set a place for yourself just as nice as the one you would set for guests. That says a lot, all of it very good!


GardenOfDaisies said...

A beautiful start to the day!!! This is such a pretty set! I love blue and white!

Pondside said...

You are so right about starting the day off right with proper breakfast, set in a proper way. On weekdays I have to admit to being rushed, and to eating my yogurt and fruit at the kitchen island and sometimes my coffee in the car...but on Saturday and Sunday it's a properly set table and the luxury of time.

SmilingSally said...

Breakfast in that setting would be so grand. Thanks for sharing your blues.

Happy Blue Monday, Martha.

eileeninmd said...

What a wonderful find, it is a real pretty set. Happy Blue Monday!

Becky K. said...

I love this post!! You did very well, indeed. And, I love my quiet time in the morning after my husband leaves for work....before the kids are up for the day.

A beautiful set and showcased beautifully.

Becky K.

Sue said...

Lovely find! I do enjoy your blog. I live quite close to Replacements so it is a spot I love to visit frequently! Quite a place to see too!

Bernideen said...

Martha: I went back and added a link to your post 10/11/2009 for your brandied fruits! I had printed it out in my folder back then. Your breakfast looks lovely!

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Fantastic buy! All it all, specially the muffin dish!
I love your Linderhof blog, I try not to miss anyone!