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Sunday, April 10, 2011


Husband Jim has long been fond of cloisonne. A Chinese form of decorating objects. We prefer old cloisonne. The new is too garish in my opinion. At Estate Sales or Flea Markets or Antique Malls we're always on the lookout for it. Price is always a factor whenever we find a piece to add to our collection. It seems, too, that often they come in pairs.

Our last find . . .

These two wonderful ginger jars. A brown base and decorated with white flowers and blue and yellow trim. They came complete with stands.

Currently, they're on the table between the sofa and the comfy chair. But they'll get moved at some point -- for I like rearranging tables.

I'm partial to cloisonne, especially ginger jars. Part of Husband Jim's "dowry" were two sweet cloisonne ginger jars that he brought back from a visit to Hong Kong in the 60's.

It's gotten pricier over the years but amazingly you can still find it occasionally at prices that aren't so dear.


Pondside said...

Another thing we have in common, for I, too, like old cloisonné. Your newest pieces are lovely and I'm sure you'll have fun changing them around.

On Crooked Creek said...

These are lovely! I'm sure they are accented against your blue and white at Linderhof! Thank you for posting!

On Crooked Creek said...
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Savannah Granny said...

This pair is certainly beautiful art. The colors are so crisp but soft at the same time. Thanks for sharing your lovely pieces with us. Ginger