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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A 30's Dinner Party

Last week, we went to Upton House -- a very old house. With any historic property, you can choose to interpret any era or decade in the life of the property. The National Trust has decided that the 30's is the decade that they want to interpret at Upton House. Because the owner during that period was very very rich and enjoyed living the between the wars "Country House" lifestyle.

It is a grand and imposing house and one can just imagine a parade of Bentley's or Rolls driving up the drive to let guests off for a grand dinner party!

Two of the spaces that I most enjoy seeing are the dining room and the kitchen of these grand houses.

This dining room did not disappoint!

The dining room at Upton House set up for a "small" dinner party (8 isn't very large -- it isn't a country house party -- just some friends for dinner)

The place setting -- a linen mat, some beautiful cobalt and white china and a vast array of forks and knives and a spoon! A pressed linen napkin folded and centered perfectly on the plate.
No chargers either!

Warm gold walls, a massive fireplace and no chandelier for at that period you often dined only by candlelight. Notice that the centerpiece and candleabra are above the guests eyesight!

Service was done European style which meant that the food was brought in and a servant would offer each dish to the guests. The table where the food was "set up" for serving.

With the proper silver serving pieces for each course! Heaven forbid if you used the fish slice and fork for the joint!

And, of course, after dinner, there would be a cordial or whisky. I like to think that whisky or Cognac is in the clear bottles and something more "ladylike" is in the red ones!

I thought they did a good job interperting a 30's elegant dinner party -- I would have happily donned by best frock and had a go at being a guest for the evening!

It's Thursday and I'm sharing this with Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday. See what other tables there are this Thursday when you join Susan. This is far more elegant than the tables we do at Linderhof but I have always loved these elegant dinner party tables!


Bookie said...

Really beautiful settings. Thank you for sharing.

Lottie said...

It would have been so romantic with the candles and the gold walls! Thank for these pictures! I feel like I am with you!

afternoon tea said...

I just love these settings where they show what it would have been like in a particular era. So much to learn from. I would have put on my best frock to be there too.

Ben said...

As always, what a great eye for beauty and dignity you have, Martha. (I'm also making a mental note never to let you see a picture of what my dining room looks like!)


Pondside said...

What a beautiful table - who wouldn't dream of being a guest?

Entertaining Women said...

I love to tour vintage grand homes! Thank you so much for sharing this amazing dining room. I wish that they would tell us who made the china, don't you? Cherry Kay

Phyllis said...

I have so enjoyed your trip to England and all of your adventures. I would like to follow in your footsteps. The table is lovely and of course, the silver is special to me. I loved seeing all of the serving pieces.

Cass @ That Old House said...

This is gorgeous!

I love the "old house, old family" touch of the flatware -- the knives don't match because early flatware makers didn't make knives; that was left to the sword makers and other specialists. so naturally in the 30s, a family like this would be using old family pieces -- nothing new! -- and their knives would have been a separate pattern. Brilliant. Thanks for showing us the detail in this table.

Beautiful setting. I'd put my good frock on, too, and even clean my fingernails to dine there!

BTW you are torturing me with tales of inexpensive antique furniture. If you fall in love with something, buy it a seat on the plane!

Miss Merry said...

What an amazing place! I would love to be a guest at the 1930's dinner, clad in my bias cut satin evening dress and dripping in jewels. Thank you for the romantic day dream!

Tess said...

Oh...thank you for taking us with you!!! I am enjoying your trip so much! I would love to have dinner there and at the time; one of my favorite periods! It looks like something from Masterpiece Theater!