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Sunday, May 29, 2011

C H E L S E A!!!!

I've been to Flower Shows in the City -- and they were so much fun -- interesting gardens and beautiful flowers but . . . to get to go to Chelsea -- that is a gardener's dream.

Thursday, the four of us headed into London and Daughter Sarah and I, with Chelsea tickets in hand, arrived at the show grounds.

And there we were . . .

At the Chelsea Flower Show

We left without breakfast and so a cup of tea and a nosh before we headed out to the show grounds . . .

Where we saw --

Display Garden

After Display Garden

and in the Pavilion

Flower displays

The William and Katherine Rose (in honor of the Royal Wedding) circling a fountain

"Mice" hostas -- wee hostas that were so cute

Peonies in every kind and color

And roses . . .

A lovely pink one

Perhaps my favorite display in the pavilion -- a perfect vegetable garden


We watched the BBC film a segment at the show

and besides flower exhibitions, there were vendors
selling their wares . . .

Garden statuary --magnificent dogs to guard the entrance to your estate

Statuary of Alice in Wonderland

And the White Rabbit

An antique trough I coveted -- was it the price or the weight that made me leave it at Chelsea?

And sensible garden tools

And what we call greenhouses and the Brits call glasshouses (I like their term better) -- I'll take the one on the right, please -- wouldn't it look smashing in the garden at Linderhof?

We lunched listening to this great band who were celebrating their 50th Anniversary!

I loved the Chelsea Flower Show -- what I didn't like was the crowds. For a girl living in a small village in the country (here) and a small town in Kansas . . . I'm not a big crowd person!

I wasn't prepared for this!

But that wasn't the worst of the crowd . . . for Sarah and I had just entered the pavilion when the first rain started . . . in rushed the crowd -- we moved as a group past each exhibitor -- like sardines in a can . . shoulder to shoulder. It was hard, at that time, to see the exhibits.

Finally the rain stopped and the crowd thinned out and we got to enjoy the displays in the pavilion.

And just before we left, the second big downpour caught us just outside the exit -- with one umbrella, a rain hat and raincoat, we both got soaked!!!!! As we stood . . . far from any kind of shelter!!!

But English rain comes and goes and soon it stopped and we "squished" our way to catch the bus back to Victoria.

It was a wonderful day with my wonderful daughter at the world's most wonderful flower show!!!!


From the Kitchen said...

I enjoyed the visit along with you and Sarah--even the rain!! So glad that your spring idyll is turning out so beautifully.


Maggie said...

Glad to know that the rain didn't dampen your spirits too much.
It all looks delightful, except for the crush.
I hate crowds too, I think I'm just a country mouse at heart.
all the best

Southerncook said...

OMG, I am so very envious!!! I thought the glass house on the right would look fabulous in my garden as well. I can dream. Maybe someday. I am so glad you had this experience and even better to share it with daughter Sarah. What a special memory.


Southerncook said...

Forgot to mention that I have problems with posting on your blog but I think I figured it out, hopefully. Enjoy the remainder of you vacation.


Unknown said...

Wonderful!! Thanks for sharing.

lindaraxa said...

You got tickets? lucky you! they are going for $$$$$ What a treat!


Wish I was there! How lucky you are! Thanks for sharing with us.
Lots of hugs!

Martha said...

The minute I knew that we would be in England for Chelsea, I ordered tickets. And with the crowds, I understand why them limit them! Actually, I wish they had limited them a bit more!

Pondside said...

Your excitement is palpable! What a treat for you - even with the crowds.