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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


One word says it all -- one of the most magnificent gardens in England. It seems as if I've heard of Hidcote "forever" and what a dream it was to be able to tour these magnificent gardens!

Some beautiful iris (I didn't get the cultivar) in K State purple!

One has heard the term "garden rooms" but until you tour Hidcote, you don't fully understand the concept of "rooms" -- and vistas as you look through doorways between "rooms"

Walled with clipped box in a formal pattern with brick walks and blooming plants in each enclosure. I love this formal type of garden!

The wisteria was almost gone but this "old guy" was still blooming -- can you believe the trunk on this speciman? And how old is it, I wonder?

A favorite summer plant on the prairie -- cigar plant (if you look closely the bloom looks like a cigar with "ash" on the end) -- this one was not in the garden but in the greenhouse. And it was huge!!!

The chives were in bloom -- one of the prettiest herbal flowers, I think

And a whole row lined the vegetable garden -- what a sight!

But Hidcote is not only a garden, it's also a house (a magnificent house) and there are a few rooms as you enter that you can tour

A quiet corner in the front parlor -- perfect for a rainy day read!

Across the room -- another comfortable chair, more books and a fireplace!

In the den, another fireplace, a comfy sofa and a desk that looks out over the garden and . . .

When you leave the house, your view is of this -- an alley lined with trees and a statue at the end. The horse makes it perfect!

And as you exit Hidcote, take a turn to the right and walk up the road a bit -- you'll find the village of Hidcote. A very very charming English village, with thatched roof houses lining the road.

Old, I am sure, with roses growing up and over the windows.

A blue door -- so prevalent on stone houses and more roses -- because it's a cottage. And . . .

across the road a very pastoral scene -- it looks as if it could be a painting!!!

I would put Hidcote high on my list of places to visit in England -- we had a wonderful day there and we met some fellow Kansans! They were there on a tour with K State University.

It's Wednesday which means that it's Outdoor Wednesday with Susan at A Southern Daydreamer so please join Susan and see what everyone's been doing outside this week!


Unknown said...

Beautiful.... just beautiful!

Southerncook said...

The gardens of Hidcote are truly gorgeous. I'm so glad you were able to do that tour. Running into fellow Kasasans, just goes to show it truly is a small world.

Have you spoke to anyone at home to ask if y'all have experienced any damage with all the storms in your area?


Ott, A. said...

I love the deep purple color of the iris's!!!!

Martha said...

Carolyn -- we've been in email contact with our FS friends and no one has said anything about damage. Most of the weather has been south of us.

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

Ah, this is a garden I have always dreamed of seeing. I'll keep on dreaming, who know? But thank you for sharing these lovely photos of your time there.

afternoon tea said...

What marvelous gardens. I think I could stay all day there.

JudyBug said...

Beautiful pics!