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Monday, May 23, 2011

THE Palace in England

The palace in England is Blenheim -- home of the Duke of Marlborough as it has been since it was built in the early 18th century. It was a reward to the Duke from the Queen and a grateful people of England for his success on the battlefield. The home is now owned and lived in by the 11th Duke.

But when we arrived at the Palace instead of looking like the picture it looked like this

Work in progress on the old girl -- which doesn't lend well to pictures!!!! And we did get to tour the inside but again, there were no pictures (much easier to sell the 5 pound souvenir picture books!)

But there are magnificent gardens and they are outside and pictures are perfectly permissible!!!!

The water gardens behind Blenheim --

The lower terrace of water gardens

The rose garden -- and I am assuming that this is a fountain that was filled in and planted with more roses.

Not all roses are blooming -- it will be a sight when they are -- but these were and the fragrance divine -- imagine the aroma wafting from the garden when all is in bloom!

And my favorite the lavender garden -- with rows of lavender, a big bed of rosemary and these rose arbors!

It's more of a country house garden than a palace garden -- and that's more my thing -- for I'm not a palace dweller -- I'm a country girl!

And not far from the lavender garden was an exhibit which I thoroughly enjoyed -- a garden exhibit:

About glass houses and cloches -- glass cloches were originally for the garden. And I love the terra cotta rhubarb ones!

Similar to the one on the right -- and can you imagine the glass ones in a garden?

And what is a garden without a potting shed --

With a place to pot and those wonderful English clay pots (which I wish I could bring home -- they are so inexpensive but oh so heavy and oh, so breakable!

And a place to water!

I'd love to have this potting shed in the garden at Linderhof -- but alas -- it' s as big as Linderhof's kitchen!!!!

We're off on another adventure today -- to Stonehenge and Salisbury and Bath with Daughter Sarah and her Andy.


Pondside said...

Wonderful day!
I always look at the photos of English garden sheds and notice the pots - they are so much more interesting than the shapes we have over here.

Maggie said...

Looks like you had a great day even though the palace was shrouded in scaffolding.
Aren't potting sheds the best? The one here is a classic.
Have fun in Bath.

lindaraxa said...

Get someone to get you this month's Vanity Fair. There is a long article on Blenheim and the private rooms. Also the Va Va Boom new Duchess!

Elizabeth and Gary said...

What a lovely vacation. To bad about the work being done on the palace, but at least the gardens were beautiful to see. The potting shed is wonderful, yes indeed it would be great to have. Enjoy your trip and I will be looking forward to more photo's.
Have a sweet day and hugs, Elizabeth

Martha said...

Her portrait is already hanging in a prominent place in the palace --

megan said...

Martha, we were there too last year. Wonderful place!

afternoon tea said...

It's too bad there was construction, at least the gardens were there. I prefer the country garden look over the palace garden look too. And, I understand the reasons behind the "no indoor photos" rule, but I really hate it. What they focus on in the little promotional books is never what I would focus on. Oh well, it's a wonderful privilege to just get to tour these places.

Savories of life said...

You must ahve had a great day. wish I could have come. Thanks for the post.