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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

English Country Roads

If anyone has been to the English Countryside, they know that A Roads and B Roads are not necessarily big roads. And it is interesting to watch the small English cars zip about the roadways (on the wrong side of the road as far as we're concerned!)

I have to give Husband Jim credit for driving over 2000 miles the five weeks we were in England -- and all on the "other" side of the road!!!! He did a great job! But we did find some interesting scenes from our travels!

And it's interesting to watch buses and lorries (trucks) navigate those roads as well.

I've forgotten the name of the town, but a bus is passing a truck parked in the middle of the road (and this road is a wide one -- but with the cars parked on the other side . . ) Would you believe that there is room for both the truck and the bus? The bus managed to get around without the truck moving!

The village of Winchcomb and a Land Rover that almost dwarfs the ancient buildings in this village!

And some of the "lanes" with stone walls on either side -- barely wide enough for a car!

And, of course, everyone who's been to England has found one of these scenes -- sheep in the middle of the road!

We're back home -- my computer says tat it's 10:57 p.m. and it is 10:57 p.m. (for I kept the computer on CDT while we were in England), however, Husband Jim and I have been up for over 24 hours (for in England it is 5 a.m.!) and we're in a motel in the city, having just arrived back to Kansas City (we knew that it was foolish to try to drive home tonight!)

It's also Wednesday and time to share Outdoor scenes at Outdoor Wednesday. English roads seems an appropriate post! Please join Susan at A Southern Daydreamer to see other outdoor scenes this Wednesday!


Pondside said...

Welcome home Martha - you'll need your sleep, and then we'll be looking for more photos of your trip!

Rose H (UK) said...

Pleased to read that you're home safe and sound. Just that jet lag to deal with now....
It's interesting to read another view on our roads, as chaotic as they can be it's just the 'norm' to us. I haven't visited the US but have been to Canada and the vastness and wide roads just knocked me out!

Linda Jennings said...

My husband and I love, love, love driving along English country roads!

So glad you had safe travels!

Bernideen said...

Oh my - a tight squeeze indeed. Get rested up!

Cass @ That Old House said...

Oh welcome home!!!!!
Glad to have you back, and I cannot WAIT to hear more stories and see more pictures.
I should give you a call after Alida's wedding, so we can chat!
PS Now rest and enjoy that nice big American hotel room!