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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Practical Souvenirs

What do I bring home from my travels? Sometimes fun things, sometimes things that I treasure but never never anything with a place name!!! (Unless it's t-shirts for the greats)

When we stayed at Pitts Cottage, we had full kitchen privileges and every morning we had breakfast there. For in England there aren't "diners" where one can get biscuits and gravy and two "over easy"!!!!

And while in England, I'm a morning tea drinker . . .

The English are known for their electric tea kettles. It makes perfect sense to me -- since their stoves are smaller than ours, to free up burner space by heating one's water for morning or afternoon tea on the countertop.

I fell in love with it!!! It boiled water almost as fast as you could put the tea in the pot!!! It was wonderful. A Dualit in stainless steel, it was a gem!

So what did I do? Go to, of course! And there, on the American, was the very same tea kettle. I pressed "Add to Cart" and knew that when we arrived home a month later, my new tea kettle would be waiting for me.

And it was!!!! It looks as handsome on the counter of Linderhof as it did on the counter of Pitts Cottage. It boils water in the blink of an eye -- and it shuts itself off. How many tea kettles have I burned up because I put them on, got distracted and when I remembered -- alas, the water had burned out and the kettle was ruined!!!

I love my new "souvenir" of our stay in England. It shall be useful for many years to come. And, once home, I have switched from morning coffee to morning tea. I got into the habit, I guess!

Technically, I suppose it really isn't a souvenir for I didn't buy it over there. But I think of it as one -- one that I didn't have to tote and lug home!!!!

By the way, it works as well in the afternoon as it does in the morning. I cannot imagine living without it now!!!

It's Friday and I'm joining Cindy at My Romantic Home for Show and Tell Friday. I'm showing my tea kettle and telling the world about how wonderful it is!!! Join Cindy and see other fun posts for Friday!



Oh I love your electric tea kettle too! I love it that it automatic shuts off, that sure is wonderful and also, very pretty! I like the place name on the fence door too. You had such an incredible trip to England...I love Eng. Have a nice weekend. I'm dropping by from TT at, BNOTP. Fabby

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

After this post, sales may skyrocked! How cute and what a great find and idea!

SavoringTime in the Kitchen said...

That's a wonderful memento of your trip! I've seen electric tea makers and wondered if I would have space for one. I love tea - but especially in the winter months.

Haden News said...

After owning a tea room for 8 1/2 years I will say electric tea kettles are the BEST and fastiest way to boil your water!!

Lemon Verbena Lady said...

I'm trying to convince The Herbal Husband, Martha. Maybe if I mention you have one, it will do the trick! Enjoy it!

Southerncook said...

Wellllllllll, I have one of those but NEVER use it????? I think I probably should take it out and use it more often per your suggestion. I should NOT be drinking coffee, it just doesn't agree with me as I get older. Now I love the taste of my coffee first thing in the morning but I know I need to switch to tea in the morning. I have my Mirage Breakfast tea sitting out on the counter all the time, it is a matter of making a change. Bad habits are hard to break???? BUT I am going to get out my electric kettle and use it more often.


Pondside said...

This made me smile, Martha, because I don't think there's a house in Canada that doesn't have an electric kettle. Mine sits on the counter, always at the ready - and it shuts itself off too.

Martha said...

Pondsie -- I think it's only in America that electric tea kettles are not a standard kitchen item!!!

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Now that is most certainly a very practical souvenir...and it will remind you every morning of your England sojourn! I noticed those electric teakettles too while there but thought they boiled water so very quickly because they use 220 volts rather than our 110 here. So I was interested to learn your new teakettle still performs as quickly here. Must be something special in the kettle itself. Like you, I need something that will turn itself off...perhaps I'll go shopping online myself for one of those!

Savannah Granny said...

Such a neat thing! I use a hot water dispenser for my hot tea. This is so much more attractive. It seems that you had a wonderful time in England. I have traveled in the UK many times but always on the move after a couple of days in one spot. My daughter and I have talked about doing what you and Mr. experienced. It sounded so restful yet you could make excursions as you wished. Thanks for sharing you experiences with us. Ginger :)

afternoon tea said...

Yes, in Canada electric tea kettles are considered standard household equipment. I've never understood why our southern neighbours haven't taken to them. They are very energy efficient.

I'm glad you were able to get yourself one.