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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

SHE and Me

This is the She -- one of the two magazines that is published by the same folks that publish the Herald-Tribune which features my weekly column on Saturdays.

And this is Me --

"Postcards" that I sent home to keep family and friends up to date with our travels and are in the latest issue of She (Summer 2011) -- I think Editor Lynn did a grand job of taking my "postcards" and making this lovely article based on the "postcards" that I sent while we were in England.

Actually, I never mailed a single card -- preferring instead to internet "postcards" -- a picture of something we did the day before as well as a "chat" about what we did or were going to do.

Far more personal than the five lines or so on a regular postcard where you write -- we're in ______(fill in the blank for the picture is on the front) and we're having a grand time. The weather has been ________(fill in blank). "Martha"

And when we've been abroad before, so that the postcards beat us home, we wrote them all the first night or two that we were gone!!!! So there wasn't really a lot to say for we hadn't done anything!

How great is the internet and my daily "postcards"!

The next trip, I'll do the same -- whether it's to Europe again or even to Branson!

It's still hot today -- hotter than yesterday actually. A good day to stay inside (although I did do a bit of gardening this morning -- but was oh, so glad to get inside and get cool!)

And it's so hot that . . .

Ollie knows where to sleep -- in front of the fan!!! (He is, after all, wearing a fur coat and it is summer!!!) That is not one of his normal places to nap -- so I do think he was taking advantage of the fan!!!

Easy meals are a must when days are hot -- grilled meals (even if it means going outside)

tonight we had hamburgers a la Ina Garten -- on toasted buns, topped with blue cheese, a big fat slice of Farmer's Market tomato and arugula. It was a perfect meal with big tall glasses of icy tea when the mercury was still above 100 at dinner time!!!

As for how to get your copy of She? You can pick it up anywhere the Nevada Daily Mail or Fort Scott Tribune is sold. And the best thing -- it's FREE!!!

It's Wednesday

And since we tramped through the English countryside on our trip, I'm joining Susan at A Southern Daydreamer for Outdoor Wednesday.

And since She featured the postcards I sent home, I'm joining Laura Ingalls Gunn at Decor to Adore for Wayfarer Wednesday.


On Crooked Creek said...

Lovely idea of using the internet to "Post" your travels!!! I, truly, enjoyed how you took those of us in Blog Land on your travels through each post of your trip! Nice to be "recognized" for your efforts in SHE. I say, "Atta Girl"!
On the fan...I'm with Ollie...I don't travel too far from it either!

From the Kitchen said...

I'm adopting your postcard idea! Our Oliver is with your Oliver in keeping cool.

Is there a link to your newspaper column?


Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Awesome looking article. Nice idea with the post cards. You have the scrapbook all done from your trip that way! Stay cool!

Pondside said...

The article looks beautiful, Martha. I'd say the magazine did a terrific job!
Up here it's still cool as can be, with a hint of rain. Oh for a little bit of summer!

xinex said...

What a great idea sendinf internet postcards. Your hamburger looks so good!..Christine

Entertaining Women said...

I love that you write a column. Now I better understand the lovely prose that I find in your post each week. Cherry Kay

Sarah Punch said...

What an amazing article in She Magazine detailing your travels. I was so surprised when my copy came in the mail and here were pages and pages of wonderful accounts of your trips. I truly loved every day of your "postcards" and of course enjoyed the 11 days we managed to join your trip! Truly extraordinary!