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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tick Tock -- The Clocks of Linderhof

There are certain things that I think make a house a home -- a fire in winter, a garden in summer, comfy chairs, bookcases full of well loved books, and beloved treasures on tabletops and in cabinets.

And . . . the tick tock sound of a clock . . . and the chime of clocks as they count the hour, quarter hour or half hour.

At Linderhof, we love clocks -- especially clocks that tick off the seconds and chime the hour. Clocks that you have to wind weekly (or even daily). A ritual but a good ritual.

My most beloved clock . . .

Is the clock on the mantle in the Master Bedroom. It's not really a tick tock clock but it does have a second hand. It originally was electric and had the most melodious Westminster Chime and was a wedding gift to my parents.

It was on the living room mantle in the home where I grew up and you could hear the chime all the way upstairs. When I woke in the night, I'd wait and eventually the clock would chime. I knew, then, that all was right with the world and I could snuggle back down to sleep.

One Christmas my mother gifted it to me but before she did she had the electric movement replaced with a battery one.

It is my most beloved clock and at night, when I awake, I lay in the dark and listen and soon, the clock will chime and I know that all is right with the world and can snuggle back down to sleep.

It's chime can be heard downstairs and it's a nice reminder of my childhood and my parents and their wedding present clock that I treasure.

My newest clock is in the breakfast room . . .

An English clock bought, alas, not in England but on Ebay. (After we returned home from England) But it reminds me of the clocks at both Blue Row and Pitts Cottage. It counts the hour and chimes on the half. I'm not sure of it's age but I do like it's strike and whenever I hear it, it does remind me of our time in England earlier this year.

And in the dining room . . .

A tall case clock. I love the round shape of the case and it reminds me a little of the Swedish clocks I've seen in magazines. I love it's shape and the round face. It strikes only the hour.
And there is a story about this clock . . . later

And in the living room . . .

Is the Grandfather Clock which is one of my "always wanteds" and which I bought with a legacy my beloved Aunt Pearl left me. So, actually I feel that the clock is her legacy. It has three different chimes but I'm fondest of the Westminster and so that is what we usually set it on.
And often when it chimes, I think of my Aunt and what a wonderful Aunt she was.

Now for the rest of the story . . .

The rest of the story about the dining room clock.

For it isn't antique. It isn't even old. It came from The Bombay Company and it was on a deep discount -- we paid not quite $100 for it. But it looks old and it looks expensive.

And . . . it has a secret . . .

For it is a battery operated clock and inside it's case are shelves (which we added to) and it stores my candles and salt and peppers. It's a great little piece of storage and no on knows that my great case clock is really a useful storage unit!!!!

It's Friday and I'm joining Cindy at My Romantic Home for Show and Tell Friday -- for I'm sharing The Clocks of Linderhof. Go visit Cindy and see what everyone is sharing this Friday!


Lottie said...

Martha, your clocks are wonderful. I can close my eyes and image the sound of the chime in the night. I wish I could find great buys like your dining room clock! Have a great weekend!

Cathyjo said...

Just love your clocks, So lovely.My Hubby was realy in love with cloks. Thanks for shareing.Take Care.(Hugs)

From the Kitchen said...

Love the clocks and I won't breathe a word of your secret!


Anonymous said...

Hi Martha! OH,you have some lovely clocks. We have a mantle clock like yours. I am so impressed with your standup clock that it has a place to store things! ;)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Pondside said...

I can just imagine the happy sound in your house as the clocks all chime in. Your tall case clock is great - and it will be blogland's little secret!


Your clocks are great! I have one that was my fil's and love the sound of it every hour. I love the tall granps' one! Terrific buy the one in your dining area. Lots of hugs. FABBY

On Crooked Creek said...

Your clock had me fooled! I was sure it was quite vintage...lovely, functional piece!
I adore how clocks remind of us time. Time for happenings in our busy lives, but also, time to un wind...go back in time, as in reflection. Time to depart, for now, dear friend!

GardenOfDaisies said...

Martha, I have the same clock! (the one in your master bedroom... only I have mine in the dining room.) I had to go back and look.. I knew I had some pictures of it somewhere in my posts. You can see a corner of it in the bluebird post I just did, and a better picture of it in a post called Merry Christmas from this past Dec. It belonged to my Grandparents. I loved hearing that chime at night. Like you, it was a comforting sound, that all was well with the world. It was passed on to me several years ago and I love it!!

Maggie said...

Hi Martha,
I understand and share your love of clocks, when our nephews were here recently they counted our clocks and couldn't believe we had 17!
Have a great weekend

Decor To Adore said...

I am visiting via Romantic Homes.

What a wonderful collection!

Have a happy weekend!

Donna and Miss Spenser said...

I have always admired your Bombay clock in the kitchen/dining area! I had no idea that it had the secret how handy is that?! I wish I could find one...I have SOOO many things I could stash away in there! LOVELY.

My Uncle used to have a room with a zillion clocks in it...I always LOVED going in there and listening to all the ticking...was quiet comforting.

Thanks for sharing,

Bernideen said...

I love clocks to but have to get back to winding mine - I agree it is very warm and cozy to have them all ticking and gonging! Yours are lovely!

Anonymous said...

I love all your clocks! I recently purchased my very first tic-toc clock; and it's sitting on my nightstand. There's something soothing and peaceful about the predictability of a clock. Thanks so much for sharing with us!