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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bowl Me Over . . .

I love blue and white -- English blue and white and Asian blue and white and over the years I've managed to acquire quite a few blue and white bowls.

Some are useful, some change with the season while others are just there for pretty!

The bowl on the living room coffee table is there both for useful and for pretty -- in the summer, it is empty (pretty) but in the fall and winter, it is filled with my potpourri (useful) -- It's an 8 sided Spode Blue Italian bowl that I bought in Nevada . And when I have a family dinner, it is extremely useful as a serving dish!

A smaller blue and white bowl on the breakfast room table -- it's not always on the breakfast room table -- we really prefer flowers but alas, in the heat of summer or in the cold of winter, often instead of flowers I prefer to put my blue and white bowl on the table and fill it with apples or lemons or limes or lemons and limes! In the fall, apples are almost as good as flowers for they do fill the breakfast room with the fragrance of apples!

Three different sizes of blue and white bowls on top of the Asian cabinet in the dining room -- they are pretty but they do corral wine corks which, to us, is an important function.

And the big blue and white bowl on the dining room table. My mother always had a bowl on her dining room table -- it wasn't a big blue and white bowl -- it was a console bowl from the 50's with matching candlesticks. It was always empty except when she had company for dinner and then it was filled with flowers. I like the empty bowl on the dining room table --
but . . .

At Christmas I do fill it with poinsettias, and . . . in the fall

I fill it with pumpkins and bittersweet.

But mostly, it sits empty on the dining room table -- flanked by a pair of candlesticks.

I'm sharing my blue and white bowls this Friday for:

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Pondside said...

Martha, I too have a blue and white bowl on the dining table. I have taken inspiration in the past from your posts, and how you fill your bowl during the holidays.

Lyn said...

wow I love the way your bowls are used throughout the year and you do make such lovely displays!

Rose H (UK) said...

Your bowls are all lovely Martha!

Maggie said...

Lovely blue & white bowl collection, Martha.
I so enjoyed seeing how you use them when decorating your beautiful home.
The fall vignette is delightful, I may well copy that one!
bon weekend

Rebecca said...

Blue and white + bowls = FABULOUS.

Their functionality only adds to their "fabulosity"!

Natasha in Oz said...

I love blue and white pieces too. You have a lovely collection. I particularly love your Christmas picture!

Best wishes,

Sonny G said...

very pretty Martha. blue and white are so Timeless .

From the Kitchen said...

While other colors come and go, blue and white will always be at the forefront of a well-dressed table. You are well prepared for the present and the future.

Have a delicious weekend!


Cass @ That Old House said...

LOVE the blue and white bowls -- I only have one, and mostly it sits in the china cupboard, sulking.

I would love a really BIG one for the dining room table --yours is great!

Right now my dining room table is a disaster ... full of stuff I have no place for! I am still finding donations for Goodwill -- I need to weed out the things I don't use or don't absolutely LOVE so I can find house room for the things I DO love.

Howard and Dion get nervous when I talk like that, but I assure them they are among the keepers.

It's much cooler here today-- and yesterday it didn't reach 80. bliss!!!

Pamela Gordon said...

You have a fine collection of blue and white bowls. I think they go with any decor and can multitask very well. I wish you a wonderful weekend!

Bookie said...

Because I love Blue and Whites, I really enjoyed this post. The Blue Willow themed bowl on the dining room table stole the show for me!
Thanks for sharing.

On Crooked Creek said...

Adore your collection of blue & white bowls. My friend, Debbie, from Memories Of Home tells me that blue is coming back to home decor this Fall. I've been trying to work in a few hints of blue with my red, gold and green.Thank you for sharing this stunning collection of bowls!

The Charm of Home said...

Hi Martha,
I am so excited to see you. I love to come over and see your lovely posts but, I have been overwhelmed this summer and haven't gotten by much. I too love blue and white. Your bowl on the table with all of the seasonal decorations is just lovely! Thanks so much for joining me for Home Sweet Home!