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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

If It's Wednesday, It Must Be Lisbon!

As most of you know, we were gone for two months this Spring -- six weeks were spent in England while for the other two we were on a Transatlantic Cruise.

I loved the sea days -- 10 of them in a row. You developed a rhythm and a routine. It was the most relaxing time I've ever spent but then . . . we had 4 shore days -- all in a row!!!

So if it was Wednesday, it must be Lisbon!!!!

Our first stop was in . . .

The Azores

A small hilly island and we chose not to do a land tour but rather explore on our own. It was definitely residential but I did find one shop and got a beautiful tablecloth (they are known for their embroidered linens). It was a short excursion and we did, in fact, wish that we had planned better and perhaps had scheduled something!

The next day we were in . . .


A city of hills and the hills were paved with cobblestones. Again, we chose to tour on our own and with the shops closed (for it was a Holiday) we walked up to the very top of Lisbon . . . thinking that it would be easier on the way down -- we were mistaken!!!

But after so many days on the ship, it was good to stretch our legs whether it was on cobblestones or not!!! A delicious lunch, a good bottle of wine and once back on ship we were ready for a nap!

By the time we awoke the next morning, we were pulling into . . .

Vigo, Spain

Where we did go on a tour -- a wine tour. Spain has some amazing wines and it was nice to get out and see the Spanish countryside. Visiting the winery and tasting some of their wines was an added bonus. Alas, none came back to the ship with us!

And on our last day, before arriving at Southampton, we stopped in . . .

Normandy, France

Where we did the D Day Tour. It was a long day in France and we covered a lot of ground with our guide. The scene above is Omaha Beach. And although you don't see them in the picture, I did see ghosts there.

And finally, on wedding day, we arrived in . . .


Our home for six weeks. The church was across the lane from Blue Row and was what we saw first thing every morning. It's bells lulled us to sleep every night.

It's Wednesday and it's too hot to be outside today for prairie temps are hovering around 110 degrees. The odd thing is that although it is hot, it isn't humid. And although the heat seems to almost "crush" you, you don't drip perspiration (men sweat, women perspire!) for it only feels like 109!!!! (Normally, with our high humidity it would feel like 115!)

I did think about frying an egg on the sidewalk but I didn't really want to go outside!!!! So I thought I would share some of our outdoor adventures from our cruise! (Or if it's Wednesday, it must be Lisbon!!!)

I'm joining Susan at A Southern Daydreamer for Outdoor Wednesday. I'm wondering how many have ventured outside this Wednesday -- for this heat has engulfed half the country!


Karen said...

Ok, I can't leave this post without having you explain your "ghosts" comment!! Tell us, please!

From the Kitchen said...

What a lovely way to spend a few days--and to be pampered for so many days aboard ship.

I can imagine the many ghosts of Omaha Beach.


Pondside said...

What a lovely trip that must have been. Like you, I enjoy the sea days very much - so restful, such complete and utter relaxation.

william said...

I'm so glad you and Jim had that wonderful trip, Martha. The picture of the English church is especially beautiful to me.


Unknown said...

Great outdoor post.. I love the Normandy photo! Kiss Oliver for me!
(Loves Corgis)

Rainey @ The Project Table

On Crooked Creek said...

Amazing that you've walked the streets of history! I, too, saw ghosts when we were in Germany. Others never did. Would love to have one of those cool breezes from your trip come this way. Our air is so thick...makes breathing difficult. "Mr. Ed" stated the road temperature was 135 degrees last night. Pray for those who are out in this heat working...especially our firefighters!

Maggie said...

Great shots of your holiday destinations, especially the one of our local beach!

Janet said...

Aaahhh...don't you just love the relaxation of a cruise? I can't wait for our next one in February.