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Monday, August 1, 2011


I always love to try new recipes and I love to read cookbooks. Not just new cookbooks but old cookbooks as well. And old cookbooks have few, if any pictures. Instructions, too, are not as detailed as in the newer cookbooks. For cooks at that time knew the cooking basics.

I tend to be interested in cookbooks that are from specialty food shops or restaurants and books that were written by food writers.

Almost 12 years ago, I bought this book. Thought it was an interesting cookbook and when I got home, I never got around to reading it and put it on a shelf.

Ann Batchelder was the Food Editor of The Ladies Home Journal in the 30's and 40's and this book is dated 1941.

Once pulled from the shelf, I started reading it. I do like her writing style and one chapter is on Holiday Meals which is interesting.

And then when I got to the dessert section, I found this recipe . . .

Can you believe the cookies are called "Marthas"!

I've never heard of a "Martha" Cookie so I googled, but, alas, there was nothing I could find that referenced a Martha Cookie!

So their fame may have been short lived -- Pre World War II, I guess!

What would any cook do who found a namesake cookie recipe? Make them, of course!!!

So even with the heat, shortly after breakfast I had "Marthas" in the oven for I was anxious to try them.

They're a spice cookie with raisins and nuts and quite tasty methinks. I will make them again for they were a tasty cookie. Not really a tea cookie but good for an afternoon nosh with a glass of icy tea (which has replaced my cuppa during this heat wave). And they're a good cookie jar cookie.

And Oliver, who is definitely staying inside during this heat wave, suddenly came to attention, when the cookies came out of the oven . . . ! For I just may be making dog treats!!!!


william said...

I'm sure the "Marthas" are delicious! What a sweet picture of Oliver, please give him a pat for me.


Pondside said...

'Marthas' sound a little like Hermits - yummy!

On Crooked Creek said...

Oh, what a wonderful surprise, dear! They truly look delicious. "Mr. Ed" and I are beginning to look at new recipes for our annual Trout Fishing Trip this Fall. These sound like a "keeper" recipe!

Rosemary said...

Hmmmm... wonder if there is a recipe for 'Nancys' out there somewhere!? P.S. Welcome to ATAA!

Madelyn said...

Did you use vinegar to make the sour milk? They look yummy. Hope to try them this week.
I am trying to get my act back together and blog again. I just love reading yours! Madelyn

Bernideen said...

This would be a fabulous recipe for a fall Afternoon Tea! Love the fact that is is called Martha! I am with you all the way on a love for cookbooks!

BumbleVee said...

They sound like they would taste like some my MIL makes...if that makes sense. I have no idea what they are called...and am still awaiting her recipe.... it will probably never be given.....sigh..... oh, well...