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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Reprise -- My Affair With A House

Something happened Friday last.    I went to sign on to check my blog with the intention of a wonderful Saturday post and . . . I kept getting the message "server not recognized" over and over and over again.

I am computer "challenged" and I did "play" with the computer a bit trying to figure out how I could add "" as a server since it must have been and was now no longer.  

Alas, I could not and so after a busy day and a busy evening, I finally was able to talk to my IT educated son-in-law who helped me get back on my blog.     We never could get "" to work but we did change it to and that works so that is where I will hang my blog hat for a while!

Computers!     You've got to love them -- but sometimes they are soooo frustrating!!!

It is Sunday (or almost) and I'm sharing a favorite post about my favorite house -- Linderhof!    I originally posted April 2010.     Please join Chari at Happy to Design for Favorites Sunday.

My affair with my house started 22 years ago when Husband Jim was told that he (we) had to move to this town on the prairie. I dragged my feet for I didn't want to move but Husband Jim called and told me that he had a house he wanted me to look at -- which would mean that it was a blind date!

And I went on the blind date!

(Blind dates seem to work for me -- Husband Jim and I met on a blind date -- he proposed the next night and we were married a month later -- 40 years ago!)

I fell in love as we drove up and when I walked in the master bedroom with the fireplace, I could have signed the contract right then and there -- for the asking price!!!!

But, thankfully, I kept my head.

And we got the house for less than the asking price!

It became Linderhof before we moved in because we had been to England about six months before and we loved the fact that so many of their houses had names (often instead of addresses).

Linderhof because the builder of the house was German and my heritage is German. Named by Husband Jim who had been to the real Linderhof in Germany. It was his favorite castle.

When we moved in, we had an engraved brass plaque that we put on the door that said simply "Linderhof".

In the days before bed and breakfasts (for they have names), it was confusing and strangers would often address me as "Mrs. Linderhof"! (which I found terribly amusing).

When I started writing the column for the newspaper and found that people didn't know where "Linderhof" was . . . the big plaque was made and put on the front of the house.

Although there was a fireplace in the Master Bedroom (something I had always wanted) -- and two more fireplaces as well -- there were some things it lacked in my "always wanted in a house" . . . a walk up attic (but we fixed that -- we made one), a breakfast room (we fixed that - we added one), an door from the house to the back garden (we fixed that -- we made one), wood floors (they were there -- we uncovered them and refinished them), white painted cabinets with glass uppers (we redid the NEW oak cabinets that were there so they looked older)

But the things it DID have -- the fireplace in Master Bedroom and dining room as well as the living room, a great kitchen, an old fashioned bathroom, wood floors, were all things I wanted in a house.

We fixed some of the things it didn't have (see above) but there are two things that I would love to have that, alas, will never be at Linderhof -- a back staircase and a butler's pantry!!!! Sigh! And I'm too in love with Linderhof to casually toss her away for my two wants -- houses have come on the market that include those two things but my affair with Linderhof has been so long that I just can't toss her aside for a back staircase and a butler's pantry!

Linderhof is a 1920's brick four square with Craftsman influences on the outside (the porch and portico) but inside it's classic with wide always painted woodwork. Original light fixtures grace both the back door and the front door. Inside -- the first update was in 1948 -- the second in 1985.

We've been here 22 years and some things have changed over our years but some things haven't. We have put back things that were taken out -- like the pedestal sink in the bathroom, the swinging door between dining room and kitchen, and the tile in the bathroom. But we have added our own touches -- the chandeliers in all the rooms!

I'm still in love with Linderhof and my husband doesn't mind this affair of mine for he loves her as much as I!


Southerncook said...

I saw it when you first posted it and was charmed by it as I am again reading it for the second time. Linderhof is such a special home.


Pondside said...

I remember this - lovely again today!

Savannah Granny said...

I don't think I saw it the first time. Lovely story. Thanks for sharing.
How all is all well in your corner of the world. Ginger

Rebecca said...

Even if I saw it the first time, I am refreshed and soothed by the recounting of your "affair" with Linderhof.

A couple of years ago, we "named" our own house "Gatescroft" (our last name is Gates) and commissioned a proper sign for it also.

I have come to love your Linderhof as if it were my own!

Amy said...

My grandparents named their cottage Cedarcroft. I like that tradition. If I lived in your house....I think I could have a love affair with it too

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

It is not just your house but your home. I am always amazed how people sell and buy new houses at a whim. As my Mom said about her house " I am only going out of it feet first!"

On Crooked Creek said...

I'm not sure I had read this before...but I adored your story of Linderhof! I had to chuckle when the people of your town began calling you "Mrs. Linderhof"...what a hoot! It was interesting to see how you took this lovely lady and made her into the "gem" that she is today. I was smitten with the addition of the breakfast room during my visit this Spring...if I were the would be hard to leave that room to accomplish anything during the day! My mainstay in the evening would be your screened front porch. Not being an outdoors person, I would still enjoy and be refreshed abiding in these two areas alone. Thank you for this lovely post. May the romance continue!

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

I just found your blog again by going to your profile and clicking on your blog there. I'm glad you are still blogging and will change my bookmark!

SavoringTime in the Kitchen said...

I'm so sorry about the computer issues you've had - very frustrating. It seems Blogger has a mind of its own sometimes!

Wonderful story about your blind dates - both of them :)

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hi Martha...

My friend, I sooo enjoyed this post about your beloved Linderhof! I loved reading the you came to be here and about the many wonderful attribute's that Linderhof possesses! I certainly can see and understand how it is that your "affair with a house" came to be! You have made many changes...making it your own! You have a beautiful home, my friend...I'm so glad that you share it with us! happy that you shared this post with us for the Sunday Favorites party this week! What a treat!

Have a super Sunday, dear friend!

Chari at Happy To Design said... sorry to hear that you had problems with you blog but thankfully you have a son that is savvy about these kinds of things!


afternoon tea said...

Computers. They're great, but only when they're working. :)

Linderhof is a wonderful place, I haven't met you in person, only by the written word, but what I read matches what I see, so I think I can safely say that you're house has taken on your personality. It's very gracious, but warm and personable.

Nancy's Daily Dish said...

I sure can relate to those computer troubles! I'm the Queen of lack of tech skills! lol

It's easy to see how you fell in love with your home. I LOVE the photo of it all covered in snow. I like snow alot though, which seems not to be the most popular thing to like but I can't help it! I do!


Nancy's Daily Dish said...

p/s I haven't made it out to Tuesday Morning yet (the other ones that is). I will look when I go!