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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Heirloom Crochet

I love crochet pieces.    I have pillowcases my mother and grandmother crocheted the edges of.    They're beloved and I treasure them.     I don't use them as often as I once did because I do want them to last so they're tucked away in a drawer for now.     But I'll get them back out someday and use them again.
For I believe things are really meant to be used!

And I have doilies that my mother and grandmother crocheted.    Growing up, my grandmother never set anything on an end table that didn't have a doily under it!!!      Mother, however, was more modern and although when I was very young, there were doilies, she put them all away except for her dressing table.    That always had a crocheted or embroidered scarf with crocheted edgings on it.     I have some of those, too, and occasionally, I will use them on either Husband Jim's dresser or my dressing table.

And I have my grandmother's tablecloth.      I'm sure it was a labor of love for her.     It wasn't used very often -- she saved it for bridal or baby showers or an occasional wedding.    I'm sure she made it for a special shower but who's I can't remember.    For I don't remember a shower when she didn't use the tablecloth!      It's a small tablecloth and I remember she used it on the punch table mostly.     For when I was small all of those events served punch. My mother inherited the tablecloth and used it in the same way -- only for bridal or baby showers and only on the punch table!     I've got the tablecloth now and I truly treasure it.     I was cleaning the other day and got it out and put it on the breakfast room table.

Grandmother's Crochet Tablecloth in the Breakfast Room

Alas, it was just for show and pictures -- I would never dream of eating dinner off of it!!!    It's saved for special occasions!!!     But I must admit that I have enjoyed having it on the table and enjoy the beauty of the cloth that my grandmother made all those years ago!

But alas, it will go back in the drawer to be saved for a special occasion.

The details of grandmother's tablecloth

The detail of the tablecloth -- all of those little crocheted pieces which make up the tablecloth.    I'm sure it took her a long time to make this tablecloth.

Upstairs, I dug out a bedspread that I've had for perhaps 30 years.     It's a garage sale purchase for all of $5.   The older lady whom I bought it from told me that it was her grandparents and that her grandmother had made it.     They had a store and whenever they weren't busy her grandmother would work on the bedspread with the store thread that they used to tie packages with.       And she sold it to me for $5.    And why it was still there at $5 remains a mystery to me as well -- perhaps it was a treasure waiting for me to find!

She may not have treasured her grandmother's bedspread but I do.     I only wish I would have thought to  have asked what store that they owned when she made it!!!    

My heirloom crocheted spread on the guest room bed

I think it looks pretty on the guest room bed.    Actually, it looks pretty on any bed!!!!

The details of my crocheted bedspread

A lot of detail in the spread -- lots of those little circles crocheted together.    I'm not sure of it's age -- 30 years ago, the lady from whom I bought it was 55 or 60 years old but even if her grandmother made it, it could have been made in the 60's!!!     But I'm thinking because it was made from store twine, that it was probably no later than the 20's or 30's and perhaps even earlier.     I'm sure there is someone out there somewhere that could tell it's age better perhaps by the pattern of the crochet or the kind of twine used.  

And whenever I go to estate sales or antique malls, I'm always looking for crocheted pieces.    It's fun to think of the person who made it and why -- was it for a special occasion or was it to while away a cold and dreary winter and without television it made long winter nights more bearable.

Not long ago at a flea market in Fort Scott, I found a treasure and home it came with me.

A square Damask tablecloth with a beautiful crocheted edging

A lovely square Damask tablecloth.    For $10.    The edging is some of the most beautiful crochet that I've seen.    I've not used it yet for I've not had an occasion to -- but I will soon, I'm sure.

I've got drawers n the dining room bulging with vintage linens and drawers in the linen chest upstairs bulging with vintage linens.     All loved and treasured.



How wonderful and gorgeous heirlooms you have, you grandmother was a very talented, with gifted hands for the crochet. The bedspread is gorgeous too and a real treasure!, nothing better than these things, priceless!! Thank you for sharing, I hope you visit me, I just posted my mother's crochet tablecloth too! Have a nice week. FABBY

Anonymous said...

Love the crochet detail on the square damask. So pretty! You can never have too many vintage linens.
xo E + J

Pondside said...

I love vintage linens too. I have a number of clothes from my Danish mother-in-law, as well as a trove of handmade baby clothes made in the 20's and 30's. They are treasures!

Rose H (UK) said...

What absolutely gorgeous treasures you have. Your Grandmothers cloth is so beautiful Martha - I can understand why it's for special events only. The bedspread is amazing too - you wonder how folk can part with such things?
I have crochet blankets that my Nan made and lots of her beautiful embroidery too. Some I use often and some, like yours I treasure too much for daily use.
Hope you have a reason to use your special tablecloth soon :o)
Have a lovely week. Best wishes.
Rose H

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

I so love the fact that your Grandmother made the tablecloth, that your mother had it and treasured it and now you have it. That is always my wish for family pieces. Some people do not get it, such as the lady you bought the gorgeous bedspread glad it went to a great home.

On Crooked Creek said...

Elegant crochet tablecloth! To think that your grandmother made it makes it so very special! I, too, have pillowcases that my Grandmother made with crochet on the edges...true treasures! Beautiful post!

Bernideen said...

I loved seeing these crochet pieces. I have a deep affection for all hand made crochet and lace and also embroidery.

Meredith said...

Wow! How absolutely beautiful. I love linens with a history!