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Friday, October 21, 2011

Another Bulb Planting Day


In the Fall, I'm a sucker for bulbs.    They hold such a promise of spring and if one bag is good, then ten must be better!     The last few years I've bought bulk at Cotco -- King Alfred Daffs mostly.   They come 50 to a bag and if one bag is good, then two is better.    Last year, I switched to tulips planted as annuals for this one year only.    Was it a beautiful display?    I don't know for we were in England when they bloomed!    My tulip year and I was gone!

I've bought a few bulbs already this year at Wal Mart -- and planted them before we left for New England. And before we left for New England, one of my favorite bulb purveyors, sent me a catalogue with an "offer I can't refuse" . . . . and order was made and sent the day we left.

And the bulbs arrived, the day we got back.     Where they waited in the box until it was planting time!

The catalogues are always so interesting and there is always such good deals.    And 10 of this bulb and 15 of that isn't really very many, is it?    Until you add them all together and you have close to 100 bulbs to plant!!!!     And when you're planting it seems like a million!!!!

It didn't seem like it was all that many when I ordered them!

The sacks of bulbs waiting to be planted.    With trowel in hand and a fresh bag of bone meal . . . .

And except for some crocus and snowdrops there were some new bulbs  . . .

The bluebells were at the end of their bloom when we were in England but they captured my heart!

The English bluebells which I fell in love with when we were in England!

Hopefully, mine will look as pretty . . . for in the catalogues they don't show pictures of brown bulbs but rather of the blooming plants!

And I'm a sucker for fragrance in the garden . . .
It's only 15 bulbs . . . but that's only one of the packages!

Daffodil Minnow -- not only pretty but fragrant . . . 

I can smell them already -- none of the other daffs at Linderhof are fragrant!

And it is supposed to look like this -- creamy white petals and a yellow "horn"!    How pretty in vases at Linderhof in the spring!

Also, I like to force paperwhites -- not at Christmas but later in January and February for it is so dreary and dull at that time of year.    I've not been as good about "thinking ahead" and ordering the bulbs as I should have been but this year -- I ordered 50 of them.     Come January, the fragrance at Linderhof should be heady!!!

I was invited to a luncheon today at dear friend Sally's and what better hostess gift than the gift of the garden . . .

Three paperwhites tied up in a cello bag tied with white ribbon with instructions on growing and care.    It's a perfect hostess gift methinks for a fellow gardener.

I wore out before I got all of the bulbs planted -- I have two bags of daffs to plant and I'll do them soon -- some little yellow ones and some big fragrant ones!  

I must admit that in my planting this morning I "ran" into only two other bulbs!    I felt that was a good thing for I've been planting bulbs at Linderhof for the past 23 years -- I've not run out of space yet . . . but it is hard to remember what is planted where!


Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

My goodness, that is a lot of bulbs. You certainly had a beautiful day to plant. I'm hoping to do some gardening tomorrow. I want to force the paper whites this year too. I haven't done them is ages.

Blondie's Journal said...

I plant bulbs every year and buy more every year. I usually do six bulbs to a hole so it goes pretty quickly. It is SO worth it come spring. I am trying to add different colors...I have a lot of yellow and red and I think purple will look good next to the yellow daffodils.

Let us see your tulips next spring!!


Pondside said...

We've been planting daffs in the woods for years now and while the planting seems to in the zillions, the flowers seem few in the spring - but we persist!

Kerin said...

Your place will be gorgeous next Spring!
We've not been here long enough to establish all the beds. One day, I too will plant, and plant and plant bulbs.
Love the gardener gift. Yes...a wonderful and thoughtful gift from one gardener to another.

Lottie said...

The English Bluebells sound wonderful! You certainly have been busy planting with so many bulbs! Sometimes we have tulips come up again the second and third year so you may see the tulips this spring, too! The hostess gift looks wonderful. Well, I'm off to buy bulbs! You have inspired me this morning!