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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Vacation Treasure

Vacations are fun -- new sights to see and new territory to explore and part of that territory are Antique Malls and Shops and even flea markets and occasionally a thrift shop.

Besides having a wonderful time in New England we were able to bring home some treasures.     And I must admit my souvenirs are not the usual run of the mill refrigerator magnets or mugs or even t-shirts, but rather things we can use on an every day basis that will remind us of those sights we saw while traveling.

A bridge set, I'm sure, because of the size of the cloth and the four napkins.   They're a bit "bent" from the 2500 miles they traveled in the car to get home.

I love vintage linens and this bridge or luncheon set is adorable.    It is hand done and looks like it may be from the Arts and Crafts era of the 20's.    Found in a darling antique shop on Route 20 in New York as we were traveling from Buffalo to Albany.    It cost all of $12!

It's not a tick tock clock but rather an electric one.   Common in the 20's and it's a heavy clock!   It has such a sweet face.

An old clock -- which we also think is from the 20's.   It's small and adorable and doesn't ding or chime.    But sometimes silent clocks are a good thing!   An antique shop that we never knew existed in Albert Lea, Minnesota.   We took a wrong turn and found the shop.     It cost only $24!

I love oversize damask napkins.

Beautiful linen damask napkins -- the supersize dinner size -- embroidered with an "S" (for Scott?) and an "H" (for grandfather Harold) and an "A" (for grandmother Anna)!    How serendipitous!    But, alas, there are only five but I got them for $7.00 in a shop going out of business in Plymouth, Mass.

This is now my "everyday" napkin ring!

A silver  napkin ring always goes home with me.   I love figural rings but they are so expensive but in a little shop in upstate New York (along that same Route 20) this beauty was only $50.    It has a pair of eagles but alas no name or initial (which is usually a requisite for a napkin ring)    Most of the figural rings that I've found have at least a 1 in from of the $50 so I considered this to be a real bargain!

There is a pink floral Calyxware that I would love to have but I've been unable to commit.    Perhaps these are my Calyxware "fix"!

And we did do some thrifting and I found four of these Adams Calyxware plates at a thrift shop in Woodbury, Minnesota.    For 50 cents each!    I thought they would go splendid with my blue and white and I really am a fan of Calyxware.

This will look good filed with salad on a buffet table.

At the same thrift shop, I found this pressed glass bowl -- it's a great size and was only $6.99 -- in an antique shop or even a flea market it would have been t least $26.99 or even $36.99 so I considered this a real buy!

Blue Room cups and saucers are really hard to find -- even on ebay!

At the same shop in Albert Lea, two Spode Blue Room cups and saucers -- both for $10.    I have a dozen already but extra cups and saucers are always handy.    The cheapest I've ever seen them were $15 each!

This is unmarked but I'm sure it's English for it looks English!

When we were in St. Martins in New Brunswick there was a little Craft/Antique Fair -- just five booths but one of them had this beautiful cake plate.   It's not true blue and white but it does have blue in it and I loved the butterfly in the middle and for $8.00 (he took less) it is a wonderful reminder of New Brunswick!

It's a small tin so shouldn't last long.

I love teas and buy too many and end up with a shelf of teas and then make a resolution that I'll not buy any more until I use up what I've got -- it lasts long enough for me to whittle the shelf down a bit.   Bar Harbor had a wonderful tea shop and tea company.    I couldn't resist . . .

But it is so good, I may have to order some more!

this blueberry tea.   It's delicious and really does taste like blueberries.  

My treasures are bought to use -- and use them I do  . . .

With unpacking and laundry and putting away, there is no time for baking -- but these are almost as good as the ones I make!

For the cake plate makes a lovely cookie plate -- for raisin oatmeal cookies.    Not mine, however, they are from Minneapolis's Turtle Bread Company -- and they are superb raisin oatmeal cookies.    Served on the cake plate because

There is time to share the stories of our adventures with a friend over a cup of blueberry tea and some Turtle Bread Company oatmeal raisin cookies.

Neighbor Sally came for tea.     My new tea cups and even my napkins are put to use as well.    And the tea in the teapot?    The Bar Harbor Wild Blueberry, of course.    We both thought it complimented the oatmeal raising cookies well.

Last night's vegetables make a good soup especially with a nice baguette!

And the Calyxware Old Bow salad plates make a good bread plate and under plate for my luncheon soup when I had a luncheon for one.

The sunroom was clock less -- the little clock rectified that!

The clock is on the gate leg table in the sunroom.    It's small size is perfect for the small table.    But what I like best about the clock . .

I assume Fred and Inez are the grandfather/grandmother.   There is also a 1929 date on it.   I'm not sure if it's the date of the clock or the date of their marriage or the date of this message.   It's sad to know that the grandchild gave up Fred and Inez's clock!

Is the inscription on the back.

The napkin ring will get the most use -- three times a day -- it's a great napkin ring!

The silver napkin ring is in constant use -- it is my napkin ring and I use it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.   A constant reminder of a great vacation.

It's Friday and I'm joining Cindy at My Romantic Home for Show and Tell Friday.     There isn't anything better to show than "Vacation Loot" and I always love to tell about my treasures.

And I'm joining Michael at Designs by Gollum for Foodie Friday because there are cookies and soup!


lindaraxa said...

Great purchases! I, like you, always gravitate to old linen. They are so reasonable because nobody wants them (except people like you and me) and then when we bring them out everyone raves...go figure.

Anonymous said...

Really lovely finds - so many places gathering your stash! Now they all have a home in one. The clock is sweet - and I do love a nice cup of blueberry tea!

william said...

Martha you have really found some treasures! Especially that cake plate-- it is lovely and so very useful.


Erica (Irene) said... all your treasures and some of them such good buys.

I also love a nice cup of blueberry tea, I had actually purchased some the other week. Thanks for sharing your lovely treasures.

Kerin said...

You scored some great items! I think my favorite thing would have to be that little clock.
Thanks for sharing all your recent 'treasures' with us. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Maggie said...

Hi Martha,
Loved reading your post today, such a great story and what wonderful treasures you found to remind you of your trip.

56steps said...

It's wonderful to relive your trip through your treasures.
And you definitely found some!

Bookie said...

Oh, it was fun to see all your finds! Wow, you really did well to find Spode at that price! Cups look in fine shape too.
Thanks for sharing...enjoyed it.

Southerncook said...

Fabulous "finds" Martha especially the napkin ring. What a beauty.


Southerncook said...

Back to mention that I am going to order some of that Blueberry Tea. I saved the website when you posted it on your blog.


Pondside said...

Those are the best sorts of souvenirs, Martha, and the sort that I seek out too. It's nice to use something everyday and think of the good time you had on holiday.

Rebecca said...

What great souvenirs! We have a similar habit (only at notch or two below antique shops).

The spode cups and clock are among my favorites of your finds.

Bernideen said...


So many lovely tea time treasures you have "found". I love them all = especially the arts and crafts period tea linens - those are really unique! Please come and link up to Friends Sharing Tea!

On Crooked Creek said...

Lovely treasures, indeed!

Chris said...

Hi Martha, well, you certainly found some fabulous items on your travels. I found and am now following you through My Romantic Home and will visit often. Please drop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs, Chris