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Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Yellow Brick Road -- Linderhof and That Old House

Husband Jim and I followed the Yellow Brick Road from Kansas to Connecticut this week.     Our purpose in Connecticut was two-fold.     One reason is that it got me into "That Old House" territory.

I "met" Cass from That Old House early on in our blogs and I was immediately smitten for Cass was a kindred spirit and owned both Johnson Brothers Indies and a Fitz and Floyd tureen that I had.     I immediately added her as a Friend of Linderhof and was always eager to see each new post.

So when Jim and I found ourselves going to Southbury, Connecticut, I was thrilled when Cass said that she would meet us there.

A location (Husband Jim picked a diner known for homemade corned beef hash and all day breakfast -- he loves good food) was selected and a time determined and . . .

Linderhof Meets That Old House

The greatest thing about blogging is that you get to "meet" people that you would have never met and once Cass arrived and we sat down, we talked as if we were old friends . . . and talked and talked and talked and talked!!!!

So much so that we closed the diner down!!!!

Borrowing from Cass, I'm posting pictures of our meeting . . .

Picture from That Old House

Cass and I in our gowns and tiaras.     If Cass's looks a bit askew it's because she canceled a hair appointment to meet us!!!!

Alas, neither of us took advantage of the homemade corned beef hash or the breakfast and instead we all three had . . .
Picture from That Old House

A Hummel Dog.    Cass and I took ours with sauerkraut and relish.    Husband Jim had cheese and bacon as well.

When it was time to go (it took us a while to get the hint that they were closed -- when they turned off the lights and air we finally left!)

Cass and I said our goodbyes -- with hugs and as she said -- it was our first but not our last!      We shall meet again!

Husband Jim and I in our ruby slippers (yes, every Kansan has ruby slippers) clicked our heels together and chanted "we want to go home, we want to go home" . . . .

Last Fall, Cass and I shared cyber teas -- it was fun having tea with her at That Old House and sharing tea with her at Linderhof!

Sharing lunch with her in Connecticut was far better than a cyber tea!

We heard from Dion that . . .

Mom had left him again.    Came home without one scent of Oliver on her clothes and with frankfurters on her breath.     He was not amused!!!!


Maggie said...

I'm sure Cass & her husband were just as thrilled to finally meet you & Jim as we were, in the Cotswolds, earlier this year.
Since then I've had fun with 3 other blogging friends here in Normandy, you meet the nicest people in blogland!

Cass @ That Old House said...

As Maggie said, you DO meet the nicest people in Blogland, and Martha -- you are Jim ARE the nicest people.

Of course, it may take me awhile to get the image of Jim tottering around in ruby slippers out of my mind.

Hahahahahaha ... can't think of much more unlikely pairing than that, unless it would be Jim and Howard sporting earrings. Big glittery ones.

Travel on and have a blast.
And we will start thinking about a NEXT meeting!

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

He certainly does not look amused, does he! I so agree with your thought about how we can meet the most wonderful people via blogging we otherwise wouldn't have a clue about or ever get the pleasure of knowing. Love you and Cass in your gowns and tiaras!

Blondie's Journal said...

It's always a big pleasure to meet another blogger and of course, after meeting, they are much more than 'another blogger'. It sounds like all of you had a wonderful time! Love Cass...she has such a great personality! So glad you got to meet up. Hope you are enjoying your trip!


Chris said...

What a fun post, Martha. The pictures of your visit are lovely! Would you mind sharing what camera you use? :)My goal this year is to meet at least one fellow blogger.

Doggie evil-eye is a killer, isn't it?

Entertaining Women said...

I love to hear that blog friends actually get to share a least every once in a while. Thanks for sharing the moment. Cherry Kay

On Crooked Creek said...

What a lovely memory! I'm sure the meeting was blessed! I remember how giddy I was when you ask me for tea. It has been a high~point of my year!!! I shall always cherish our time together!
Your cyber~tea was so enchanting last year. Thank you for sharing and encouraging fellow bloggers to meet one another!

Pondside said...

What fun! I'd love to have been a fly on the wall for that meeting! I can't believe that there was no blue and white china involved in this meeting!

Carrie said...

Yes, our blogging world has provided for such fun meetings across the U.S.A. Thanks for sharing your Connecticut friend get-together!

Jilly said...

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