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Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Change In the Dining Room!

The dining room at Linderhof has mostly old and loved pieces.     We bought the dining room set -- the sideboard and chairs when we moved here.     The table came from the old Courtland Hotel here in our town on the prairie.     The Victorian armoire was a steal of a deal in Tulsa and is great storage for Husband Jim's glassware (and some of my dishes).    The Chinese cabinet to the left holds china and crystal.   In the center is an iron piece with a marble top.     The agapanthus reside there in winter.

The dining room as seen from the Kitchen.    

We don't buy much furniture anymore.    We have what we need and if we buy a piece it has to be pretty special and it has to replace something that we already have.    For as it is we have way too much furniture and our rule is to replace -- not add to.

And then I was in the city . . . and I was smitten . . with an American 1830's mahogany server . . .

The dining room as seen from the living room.

And like a child finding a lost puppy, it "followed" me home!    To take it's place between the Victorian Armoire and the Chinese chest.

My new find.    It's perfect in that spot!

It's a beautiful piece.    The style which I've always admired.    It has that wonderful patina that very old things seem to have.    I love the front legs, the fact that it has a shelf and a drawer.

The silver serving pieces are much handier lined up in a drawer rather than piled up in the drawer of the sideboard!

For the drawer is perfect for some of my silver serving pieces.    Lined with silver cloth -- which I just happened to have!

A great place to store the Spode.   It's both nice to look at as well as functional.

The shelf is perfect for storing two of my bigger Spode blue and white platters, the Spode blue and white tureen and the two Spode vegetable dishes.

Often the silver tray with decanters were on top of the iron piece with the marble top.    The silver, crystal and brass seem to go perfectly with the aged mahogany.

While the top is perfect for the silver tray of Waterford decanters and two old brass candlesticks.

The agapanthus?  They were moved to the breakfast room where they'll be happy for there is a bit more sun out there.

The iron and marble top table?    It got moved behind the sofa in the living room.    It's more of a sofa table height and seems to fit much better behind the sofa.

The iron and glass top table behind the sofa?    That got moved back to the front porch!

And I must admit that I made the moves all by myself!!!    Well, myself and the "moving men" -- those little round things that when you put under any piece of furniture you can easily slide it across the room.

The trick is lifting the furniture to slide those round discs under the legs!

I am happy with my changes -- all because I fell in love with that gorgeous little mahogany server!

It's Monday and I'm joining Susan for Met Monday at Between Naps on the Porch.       It's a small change but I think it has a big impact in our dining room.

I'm also joining Patti and Paula at Ivy and Elephants  for What's It Wednesday!


Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

I don not blame you for falling in love with it, it it gorgeous!
Your pieces look like they have always lived there on it.


Would you believe when I first set my eyes on this piece on this post I said: Oh, that's pretty, I love it with the blue and white on the, it turned out to be the new beautiful thing! I'm loving it, I'm drawn to the beautiful patina in wooden vintage furniture like yours and my mil's buffet. Thanks for sharing. Hugs and it looks great at Linderhof. FABBY

On Crooked Creek said...

So~o~o glad that the server "followed" you's a gorgeous piece, indeed...and a perfect fit! What a nice luxury to be able to put your silver serving pieces in the drawer! This was "meant to be"!

Bookie said...

Perfectly beautiful, Martha. Just in time for holiday fun with it too!

Sonia said...

Oh I love all your silver pieces organized in your is so nice to be able to see and use them frequently!! Your room is so warm!
Miss Bloomers

nannykim said...

So beautiful--it is nice to find such a richly designed piece. The beauty of the material is about as nice as the oldness of the item!

Erica (Irene) said...

Just beautiful Martha.....just in time for the Holidays.

thanks for sharing...:-)))

Calypso In The Country said...

What a warm and beautiful room!

Blondie's Journal said...

It really is beautiful, Martha! You must be thrilled!


Thickethouse.wordpress said...

This is really a beautiful, beautiful piece and perfect for your room and your serving pieces.

Jennifer @ Town and Country Living said...

What a beautiful dining room. I love everything about it. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

It looks perfect in your dining room...seeing the drawer full of those different serving utensils took me back to my grandmother's house oh so many decades ago. I really do love your home.

sweet violets said...

What a stunning piece that is....and fits in perfectly, love the patina, you've dressed her up just right!!!

Pondside said...

No wonder you fell in love with it. That little server looks like it has always been right there.

Im Spiegel said...

wow, i would have bought it too, it is absolutely wonderful!

Rose H (UK) said...

What a beautiful piece Martha, no wonder you bought it home! It looks like it was made for your dining room, worth all that moving around :o)

Anonymous said...

The server is absolutely gorgeous Martha, as is your entire dining room!

Ben said...

Martha, your instincts and taste remain flawless. I'm glad you made an exception to your replace-only rule.

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.


Southerncook said...

What a beautiful piece and it seems to work well in your dining room. I truly see why you fell in love with it.


Curtains in My Tree said...

Oh Martha
your house is beautiful love the dining room

on my way out the door I will be back to visit longer

Maggie said...

Sounds like a big change around, but so worthwhile as the new piece looks like it always lived there.
An excellent new home for the Spode and silverware.
Thanks for stopping by visiting poorly Mr Ben.

Scribbler said...

It looks like it belongs there, has always been there. You have some beautiful Spode -- love blue and white.

Ivy and Elephants said...

That mahogany piece is to die for and is the perfect addition to your home. I also love your Spode pieces. I have a weakness for Spode. I would love for you to link this wonderful post to our newly launched linky party.


erwicker said...

So beautiful--it is nice to find such a richly designed piece. The beauty of the material is about as nice as the oldness of the item!

marble top dining table