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Friday, November 4, 2011

A Class, A Cake and Oliver . . .

I love teaching classes at our local Culinary Store, Life + Style,  and last night my class was on Baked Gifts from Your Kitchen.      For it is getting close to the Christmas giving season and there is nothing like a gift from your kitchen to make a person feel special.

And to make my students feel special, I baked each one of them a favorite cake of mine - - -

Pumpkin Cranberry Coffeecake.

A pumpkin cake full of fresh cranberries, glazed with an orange glaze and sprinkled with dried cranberries.
A small cake -- perfect for one or two!

And then at class, we made (and tasted) . . .

The caramel/rosemary/salt glaze was a wonderful addition to a great tea bread.
Apple and Rosemary are such great Christmas flavors.

An apple rosemary tea bread (from an old Martha Stewart Christmas book)    It's a favorite of mine and I love it for Christmas teas and make it every year.    We gilded the lily at class by adding a caramel glaze, fresh rosemary from my garden and a sprinkle of Maldon sea salt.

We also tasted . . .

Chocolate and orange go so well together especially when the dish has a bit of spirit -- Grand Marnier both in the cake and in the glaze!

An orange chocolate bread.    It tastes like those chocolate oranges that are so prevalent at Christmas or like chocolate dipped candied orange peel.      With an orange glaze (instead of the chocolate the recipe called for) and a sprinkle of chocolate chips, it would make a nice Christmas gift.

Of course, even though I baked for class yesterday, I also baked for us . . . . a bread to be enjoyed for breakfast on Friday morning . . or so I thought.

It seems, however, that Husband Jim had a midnight snack.     Of course, he couldn't eat the whole cake . . .and he fell asleep and carelessly left the remainder on the coffee table . . .

I woke up to this --

On the dining room floor!!!  

It seems that a wee Corgi forgot about the coffee table rule (Corgis do not take Human Food off of the coffee table -- corgi food is always on the floor) and not only did he eat a good portion of it, but he managed to peel the paper off of the cake!     Clever dog!

It seems that his "midnight raid" last night was tiring . . . because today . . .

There is nothing like a nap after a midnight raid.    Once anything is one the floor, I figure it is mine!

He is tired . . . too tired . . . and perhaps too full!  

Oliver never does things like that!    But I suspect that he has been communicating with his Facebook buddy.    I also suspect that that Facebook buddy put ideas into his head . . . for that Facebook buddy is notorious for consuming Human Food. . .

Me, your blaming me?     I wasn't even there!   Oliver did it all by himself, didn't you buddy . . . you did delete those messages didn't you?    

Dion, who lives at That Old House.    Just ask Cass about the Human Food that Dion has eaten!


Kerin said...

What fun it must be to teach a cooking/baking class, and to meet and make new friends.

Sorry about the loss, or theft of that beautiful cake.
But, it's so hard to stay mad at our four-legged friends.... they have such sweet faces.

Have a wonderful and productive weekend.

Cass @ That Old House said...

Oh Martha, I'm cracking up!
Dion denies ALL KNOWLEDGE of Oliver's escapades, but I heard him mutter something about "being SO proud...."

Dion learned a lot of his food snatching skills from his brother Calvin, so maybe he is passing the wisdom along. If Oliver ever gets up on the kitchen counter and wanders over to the stove ... you can blame Dion for that!

I'm amazed he didn't eat the whole thing. The picture of him on his side tells the whole story, doesn't it? We have similar pictures of Dion. He once ate an entire package of 8 big hot dog buns ... and couldn't WALK afterward.

He only weighs 22 lbs!

Your cakes look so wonderful. I do almost no baking now. But one of these days you will inspire me and I won't be able to help myself. See? You'll get me all riled up, like Dion does to Ollie.

Love -- Cass

Southerncook said...

Wellllllllll now, Dion and Ollie look like they could get into some trouble together. Those two are just too very cute for words. You can't help but love them. Your cakes look delicious and I am sure doing the cooking classes is so much fun. They are so lucky having you do those classes.


niartist said...

Now why don't I live closer so that I can take these classes, Martha!!?!?!?!?

I can't say much about that snatch and grab of that cake - I would have done it, too! LOL!


Babs said...

The apple rosemary tea bread is really interesting, especially with the caramel,rosemary and salt glaze. Gotta look that one up.
I giggled and giggled about Oliver eating the cake. Your cake must have been too delicious for him to ignore.

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Pets have their own lives don't they! It looks like a yummy cake. Who can blame him?

Gisela said...

Ha! That all looks amazing. And your dog is adorable!

Pondside said...

The picture of guilty satisfaction! Too cute!

my cup of tea said...

Your baked goodies look amazing! Our Lucy sneaks a bite or 2 when no one is looking too! Have a great weekend!

marilyn r said...

I hope your dog is okay. Sugar is bad for dogs, as well as chocolate and raisins. Oliver was probably sleeping off the sugar buzz. Oh well, once in a while it can't hurt....

On Crooked Creek said...

Ha!Ha!Ha!...Too cute!!! Buddy & Oliver are definitely "Partners in Crime"!!!Hopefully, Oliver will be feeling beter in time! I'm enjoying this so much because today we're GRANDdog sitting!...and I'm NOT letting Roscoe see this post! Ha!

cj said...

No offense to Oliver, but Zoe my corgi, would not have left one smigen of that cake on the floor. Matter of fact she probably would have eaten all the paper also so I would not have a clue where it went!