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Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Day of Shopping -- My Treasures

Yesterday, friend Shirley Ann and I headed North -- to the city.    For a day of fun!      We started with a Christmas Homes Tour, then did lunch, stopped by Christopher Elbow for chocolates, went to one of Shirley Ann's favorite stores, Victorian Trading Company and then our favorite Antique Mall, Mission Road.

And I purchased more than lunch!!!!

Two little cups - perfect for punch or coffee when the ladies com!

A dozen Spode Blue Italian punch cups.     They'll work great with my big blue and white punch bowl and I can see it on the sideboard this Christmas surrounded by greenery and holly filled with eggnog and with the punch cups around.  

They're darling little cups and a dozen should be all I need.    I don't serve punch all that often but it is nice to have nice punch cups when I do.  

Momma Cup and Baby Cup

And they are wee cups --  the punch cup looks almost like a doll's cup next to the Spode Blue Italian tea cup!

And my treasure . . .

Marmalade should be served in the proper container!

A marmalade server.     The tag said Victorian and English and I'll agree to the latter.    It may be Edwardian but it is a darling piece and will go well with my other English breakfast pieces!

Love the little feet as well as the "Marmalade" on the lid.    I guess I can't use it for blueberry jam!

A crystal bowl and a silver holder with "marmalade" on the top in case you can't tell what is inside the glass bowl!

And I'll use it!

We love the Mission Road Antique Mall for you do find a lot of English treasures there -- and I love English treasures.

Besides bringing home chocolates (to be used as Thanksgiving thank you gifts), we also stopped by Starbucks.

For it is . . .

I think Starbucks Gingerbread Season is all too short!

Gingerbread time!!!

I love Starbucks Gingerbread and I've searched the web for the recipe.   I even bought a whole one so I could get a list of ingredients.    I've not tried to duplicate preferring to stop and get a slice whenever I go to the city!

And I also bought . . .

I've not had their pumpkin bread before but I was curious as to how it compared to mine!

their pumpkin bread.    I have many mini loaves of Grandmother's pumpkin bread in the larder.     But I wanted to compare . . .

Momma slice and baby slice -- goes well with Momma cup and baby cup!

And I must say that Grandmother's is better although I think they are really similar.   I do think that Grandmother's has a bit more spice.    But . . . what I really like best about the Starbuck's slice is the chopped pumpkin seeds sprinkled on top!     I'll have to remember that!

It was a fun day in the city and treasures of one form or another came home to Linderhof.     Shirley Ann had her share of treasures as well!

It is Friday and I'm participating in Show and Tell Friday.    Please join Cindy at My Romantic Home to see what others are showing and telling.

And I'm joining Michael at Designs by Gollum for Foodie Friday even if it is Starbucks rather than homemade!


Mary said...

You got some really lovely stuff. I love blue and white -- it sets off your nice desserts very well. I love the momma cup and baby cup!


I love blue and white very lovely tea cups, such treasures, specially that marmolade server with feet, just beautiful! Great treasures you found. Hugs,

Bookie said...

Such great finds you brought home! I really enjoyed seeing them! And I did not know there was a Victorian Trading STORE!

Today I stopped in at an estate sale and found one what I think is a Master Knife rest. The ends are SO much bigger than my other glass rests. It was a beauty all of its own aside from the knife rest function. A good day for the two of us!

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Pretty items you have found! I like to make Pumpkin Bread too and I also like the idea of adding the chopped seeds on top. I will remember that.

Fun stopping by! :)

Love the Decor! said...

I love the holiday gingerbread at Starbucks : )
Stopping in from foodie friday and am your newest follower

lindaraxa said...

Martha that mammalade bowl is to die for. You and I would go bankrupt shopping together!

Pondside said...

What a great day you had!
I haven't tried the Starbucks gingerbread, but I love their pumpkin scones.

Patricia @ ButterYum said...

I have yet to find a gingerbread recipe that rivals the gb I had while visiting England, but the search continues.

Love all your finds - I find so many treasures that I stay away from those places - haha.