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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dinner for Two . . .

On Tuesday, friend Shirley Ann and I headed south to the town that is the birthplace of President Harry Truman.    Not to do the "touristy" thing but rather to have a nice lunch in  tea room and do some antiquing.     A day of play for me often ends up with an omelet supper for Husband Jim or a rotisserie chicken and a salad of mixed baby greens.

But Tuesday, I planned ahead for I took some grass fed beef short ribs, browned them and put into the crock pot before I left.    Short ribs need a long slow cooking and a crock pot is a perfect way to prepare them.

Besides a good dinner, I set a special table as a way to remind Husband Jim how special he is to me.

Dinner for two in the sunroom

In the breakfast room, of course, with our places set at the each end of the table.

Most our meals are eaten off of blue and white dishes!

Spode Blue Italian plates, my German silver laid European style (with the fork face down) and my Pottery Barn every day napkins in my silver napkin rings.

Husband Jim's view of the table and the breakfast room!

The bowl of apples that are almost always on the table from first frost until Spring along with silver candlesticks with candles that we burn every night at dinner.

Besides the short ribs, I was anxious to try a recipe from Lindaraxa, a blog that I visit daily.    One that is listed on my sidebar as a "Friend of Linderhof".     She always does great classic recipes and as much as we love Brussels sprouts, I've never had them in a gratin.     I couldn't wait for a main dish that would go well with the Brussels sprout gratin and the short ribs seemed to be that dish.

Lindaraxa's wonderful Brussels Sprouts gratin.

I made ours in individual gratin dishes - perfect for one person and we both gobbled ours up.     This is not the only time that this dish will be on Linderhof's table.    This gratin was made even more special because the sprouts were from the Farmer's Market and were exceedingly fresh and exceedingly delicious!

Thank you, Lindaraxa for that wonderful recipe!

And they did pair perfectly with . . .

A favorite winter dish, short ribs, served over polenta.

The crock pot short ribs which I served over a bed of polenta.    To soak up all those wonderful short rib juices!

Husband Jim is down cellar finding the perfect bottle to go with dinner.

We usually plate in the kitchen but that night I decided to serve the ribs and polenta on a big platter as we each have our individual gratin dishes of the Brussels sprouts!

It's Thursday and I'm join in Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday.


Southerncook said...

I had a comment to post and it suddenly went, "pouff"???? The short ribs look delish and I love the fact that you served them over polenta. That gratin looks delicious too and I went right over to that blog and made a copy of the recipe. That may be on my Thanksgiving dinner table.


Martha said...

Carolyn -- it will be on ours!

On Crooked Creek said...

Simplistic daily dining precious! Nothing states Autumn like apples, a crock pot dinner and a gratin oven baked dish! Hm~m~m the aromas must have been divine on your end of the Prairie!

xinex said...

Your food looks so delicious! Lovely table too!..Christine

Kerin said...

Hope you had fun on your day trip with your friend. Did you find a new treasure?
Your dinner looks delicious. I love that you set the table for just you and your hubby. It is a good practice, and certainly makes for a good time to talk with each other.

Blondie's Journal said...

Lunch with a friend and a delicious dinner with your husband...I'd say it was a great day!! Your table looks wonderful!


Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

I have been hungry for short ribs, now I really am!

my cup of tea said...

Oh YUM! What a lovely dinner!
Would love to have the short rib recipe!

Shabby chic Sandy said...

This is lovely--looks so inviting. Been years since my husband and I had a dinner like this. Usually it is hamburger helper with the kids.

Phyllis said...

Husband Jim is treat him so royally. I must do this for my hubby more often, too! Your table is lovely, and the food looks so delicious.....especially the Brussels sprout gratin and the beef short ribs. I must confess that after being married for 48 years, I have never prepared either dish. But you have inspired me to try this out in my own kitchen. Thanks. May I borrow your individual gratin dishes?

Hope said...

What a lovely dinner and menu. Is the Harry Truman museum worth going to see? I have it on my list of places to visit.

Jocelyn said...

What a lovely table for you and your hubby. And the food looks so delicious!

Jocelyn @

Bernideen said...

You never cease to amaze me! Your cooking is wonderful!

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Everything looks lovely. I know your Jim must have enjoyed that you fixed this special for him as he must have been reminded all day with the wonderful aroma from the crockpot.

lindaraxa said...


I am so glad you liked it. I had enough leftovers to gobble them up as well the next day. I don't think I can wait for Thanksgiving, or next week for that matter!

Sue/the view from great island said...

I loved seeing the Brussels Sprout Gratin, I just made one, now I'll check out Lindaraxa's blog to see hers. Thanks!

Cass @ That Old House said...

Oh you had me at Brussels Sprouts! LOVE them. I usually roast them now, get them nice and caramelized, but I'm going to try this recipe, too. Mmmm....
BUT may I have the short rib recipe please? I have only made short ribs ONCE and it was not terribly successful. I trust your recipes, Martha!
And over polenta? What a great idea!

Sonya said...

Que delicia! A sua comida esta maravilhosa bem apresentada,e parece muito boa! Querida tenha um lindo e abençoado fim de semana.

Mary said...

The candlelight makes it look like it is in a fancy hotel.