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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Pork Roast And More

With just the two of us, chops and steaks and chicken breasts often make more sense for dinner.     There are no leftovers for you eat the one chop, the one steak, the one breast.

But one cannot live on steaks and chops alone.    For we love stews and roasts.     And even if you get the smallest one at the market, it still makes a lot of food -- for two people.

Pork roasts are one of our favorite.     They were on sale and so one came home.     Roasted in the oven with herbs and wine and onions.    Potatoes and carrots added later.

Pork roast and vegetables

It makes a good dinner -- even just for the two of us.    And we love vegetables cooked with the meat.

But a roast -- even a small one -- means that there will be leftovers.    But leftovers don't have to be leftovers.     For we take the meat (and sometimes the vegetables) and make new dishes.

Like . . .

pork pie

Pot pie.    A Pork pie is delicious.    The gravy, the leftover carrots, potatoes and onions all mixed together with some frozen peas and corn added.    Into an oven proof dish, topped with pastry and baked.

Two for dinner and one for Husband Jim's next day lunch

It makes as great a dinner as the original roast did.    A big green salad is the perfect accompaniment.

But alas, even though the pie used all of the vegetables, it didn't use all of the pork.     The last of the pork
and some potatoes made a great

Hash makes a good dinner but with a poached egg or two would make a great breakfast!

Pork hash.     Potatoes, a bit of onion, chopped leftover pork.    Even though Jim will eat leftovers, it's great when they're not in the same form as the original meal.    Not a replay but a makeover!

In late November, I often spend the evenings making . . .

I find it hard to sit and so to keep hands busy, I make pomanders in November
pomanders.     Cloves poked into oranges.     Some are used for Christmas decorations while others are left to dry and harden.   To be rolled in spices and once dry tucked into drawers and closets.

A bit of Christmas on a living room end table

We love the smell of orange and clove that permeates the house while the pomanders are curing.     It is another smell of Christmas!


Bookie said...

How clever of you to make the little pork pot pies! Everything looked so good here. I wonder when and how you add the wine to your cooking roast?

Lately, I have been enjoying leftover cranberry sauce. I cook mine in wine. Found out this week that a spoonful put on top of a small pudding dish makes it looks festive and very tasty!

Blondie's Journal said...

The pork pies look absolutely delicious...did you use a recipe?

I love making to keep my hands busy and the fresh scent of them in the house!

Happy Holidays, Martha!


Martha said...

I didn't use recipe -- just used the leftovers and added corn and peas to the roast vegetables. Pillsbury pie crust covered all!

Sam Hoffer / My Carolina Kitchen said...

Pork and its leftovers are always welcome at our table Martha. We're just two also. Your pomanders are lovely. I wish I was more talented in that area. If it's not a very simple one, two, three, I can't seem to do it.

Savannah Granny said...

I love the pomanders. You are so correct they bring the fragrances of Christmas all through the house. The roast sounds so good. We also recreate something new with the leftovers. The pork pie looks yummy.
I would love to see the base of the pie crust table. The edge looks almost, nearer exactly, like one I have.
Thanks for visiting lighthouses. We really enjoyed our trip together.

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

The pot pies are a wonderful idea for the leftovers...I'm hungry now!

Pondside said...

Mmmmm but that was a yummy post!
What sort of orange do you find best for making the pomodors?

Martha said...

Pondy -- the thicker skin the better IMO. I just go be feel at the market!

Cass @ That Old House said...

Yum -- pork pot pies look amazing. They'd be perfect for our late night suppers, too.

And pomanders ... I haven't made those in donkey's years. What a great idea.

Do you think they will work with little Clementines? I have a lot of those left from last week. Maybe they are too juicy?

And YES doesn't the big bowl look smashing on the dining room table here? Thank you again!

Cass @ That Old House said...

PS Of course! Clementines are too thin skinned for pomanders. Blast.