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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Reprise -- A Christmas Luncheon

We've been away playing -- to Las Vegas -- where you literally do "play" -- the slots or black jack or Texas Hold 'Em!     And although we did play some of the slots (and I came home $13 richer) that wasn't the purpose of our trip.    It was to celebrate my birthday.

We arrived home on Wednesday which was spent picking up Ollie and the mail and running errands and washing the suitcase of laundry that one brings home from a trip.      We didn't even eat at home -- the two of us for with nothing in the larder, breakast was picked up and brought back home when I brought home the dog, lunch for both of us was out, and Husband Jim heated a can of soup while I feasted on a Ladie's Club Christmas dinner.

This post was originally posted on December 16, 2009.    It was the December get together for The Lunch Bunch complete with presents.   

The four of us who call ourselves "The Lunch Bunch" enjoyed a holiday luncheon. A festive Christmas luncheon! With presents and cake!

The centerpiece -- my non-blooming Christmas cactus in the blue oriental bowl.
A menu at each place, a present for my guests at each place. Wrapped in gold and tied with a gold bowl.

A green Christmas cloth and festive napkins with greens, burgundies and golds. A birthday gift from my dear friend, Shirley Ann. In the silver napkin rings, of course!

And my "new" everyday cutlery -- the German silver. (The fork turned upside down in the European tradition.)

The china is not Christmas but I think part of the gold design looks like a Christmas ornament. Bought long ago at an auction -- not for these dishes -- they were a bonus in the box. Eight of them. They're Japanese. I have no idea of the maker and not a clue as to the pattern. But since I like white and gold china almost as much as the blue and white transferware, they became as treasured as whatever was in the box that I did want!

The menu with a gold Christmas tree --

Luncheon at Linderhof
December 15, 2009


Neiman Marcus Chicken Ala King
Parmesan popovers
Salad of Mixed baby greens with kumquats, sugared pecans
Orange curry vinaigrette
Lemon Curd Poundcake
Freshly Brewed coffee

It's Thursday which means that it's time for us to show off all of our beautiful tables. If you want to see some other fantastic tables, please join Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for it is Tablescape Thursday. I suspect a Christmas table or two may be in the offing!


Kerin said...

Well, Happy belated birthday !

That looks like it was a fun luncheon, and of course, the table ....gorgeous.

lindaraxa said...

You and I are Sagittarians wonder we get along so well! I'm the 18th, unfortunately a week before Christmas so I get the "this is your Birthday AND Christmas present" deal.

Southerncook said...

Such a beautiful table Martha and I love the napkins that Shirly Ann gifted you. Like that menu too. It was a great repost.

Carolyn/A Southerners Notebook

xinex said...

What a fun luncheon, Martha! Beautiful table and I love the Christmas cactus....Christine

Pondside said...

I remember that luncheon - beautiful! I always enjoy seeing your menus.

On Crooked Creek said...

Happy Birthday, dear blogging friend!!! I've been thinking of putting one of "Mr.Ed's" gifts on his plate for Christmas morning. Your encouragement was all I needed!
Lovely tablescape! I adore how you print out the menu for your guests!!! Welcome home!

Cass @ That Old House said...

Martha! MARTHA!!!

That china you have is the highly collectible Noritake china --
oh dang, what IS the name of it? -- that DOES look like Christmas ornaments, and is sold as Christmas china at this time of year in antiques shops and auction sites. For loads of moohlah.

IT is SO gorgeous.
Ah -- got it; it's 175 by NORITAKE [N 175] and Pattern #: 16034 BUT it is also often referred to as "Christmas Ball," although not be Noritake. Noritake never named it.

Introduced in 1906, discontinued in the 1990s. Is it marked with the old RC mark? For Royal China?

You are SO lucky to have those -- those are gorgeous dishes! that thick moriage style -- all that lovely gold -- it's stunning.

Whew... now I have to go lie down and let my beating heart come to rest after being so excited by DISHES. :-P

PS Nice brisket recipe. We're doing brisket on Sat for our Christmas party, but with a cranberry onion sauce. So easy!
Love, Cass